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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Over 600,000 Macs Infected With Flashback Trojan

An anonymous reader writes: Two months ago, a new variant of the Flashback Trojan started exploiting a security hole in Java to silently infect Mac OS X machines. Apple has since patched Java, but this was only yesterday. As of today, more than 600,000 Macs are currently infected with the Flashback Trojan, which mainly steals your user names and passwords to popular websites.

Comment And they didn't blame public transportation too? (Score 1) 682

If they want to point fingers at technology enabling these riots, then they should indict public transportation as well. Given many statements to the press that the people participating in these riots seem to have come from all over London, I seriously doubt they all walked or drove to Tottenham or whatever riot spot was on schedule. Odds are great many rode public transportation to get there.

Comment Re:Lets Stop Expanding This Rights Nonsense (Score 1) 480

The question is, in the modern day and age, can you truly have freedom of speech without Internet access? It's become so vital to communicate, and such a powerful tool, having access the internet is a safeguard against tyranny, just as a soapbox was before it.

The right to freedom of speech is constantly confused with a presumed right to an audience or platform. Although we have freedom of speech as a right here in the USA, that does not translate to a guarantee that your thoughts will be printed in the local paper or aired over the local radio or TV station. If you want to publish your manifesto as per your right, good luck getting the magazine of your choice to print it on your behalf. You don't have unfettered access to any street corner to preach your truth. Your right to free speech is not a right to any outlet.

What your right provides is a protection for you against the government taking deliberate action to prevent your exercising the freedom to speak your mind. With them out of the way, you are free to negotiate with others to distribute your ideas and/or create your own outlets through which to share them. So I think whether you have Internet access is no different than whether you have access to publish a regular column in the local paper or host a show on the local media stations.

Freedom of speech does not mandate access to an audience.

Comment Re:Internet Stupidity Test (Score 1) 641

There should be a law. If you're to fucking stupid to realize what The Onion is, or that something came from The Onion, you don't get to comment about politics. Ever.

Actually, there should be a law that if you do not have sufficient critical thinking skills to suspect that something like that video might be a hoax or at least have some level of suspicion that it is not exactly what it appears to be, you don't get to comment on politics.

Also, we need another law. If you want to call out others as being stupid, you must be able to correctly distinguish between and use correctly the words "to," "too" and "two."

Comment Re:lolwut (Score 1) 324

So, what you're saying is you'll take Consumer Reports' anecdotes instead?

I would. They certainly have an established reputation for impartiality. Doesn't mean everything they say is gospel truth, but as a starting stance, I'll give them more weight than what I would give someone about whom I know little or nothing.

Comment Re:Ouch (Score 1) 757

The problem is that what made the Android OS a serious competitor to Apple was that it wasn't locked. If all phones running Android are locked as tight as an Iphone, I may as well get the Iphone and the "coolness" of owning an Apple product.

Fixed that for you! ;-)

Comment Re:The thing is... (Score 1) 479

With the iPhone 4 I can in fact reproduce the signal drop when held in my left hand, going pretty dramatically from 4 bars to only 1, but even at 1 bar the performance is outstanding and for the first time ever I've got a 100% reliable and fast connection here.[...]

So I'm not downplaying the drop in signal strength issue, as that is there when you hold it left handed (and I do usually), but that in practice it performs better, even a lot better, then my iPhone 3GS.

You are simply providing yet another anecdote to try to demonstrate that there is no problem. The issue isn't a visible drop in signal strength. It is, for apparently many people, a loss of connection. Sure, you don't have that where you happen to be. But other people are having these issues.

Comment Re:Porn? (Score 2, Insightful) 664

If you read the article, Kagen seems to think that the Government should have the power to outlaw the production of pornography altogether.[...]

“Statutes may be crafted in ways that prohibit the worst of hate speech and pornography, language that goes to sexual violence. Such statutes may still be constitutional,” Kagan assured the meeting. She pressed for “new and harsher penalties against the kinds of violence against women that takes place in producing pornography, the use of pandering statutes and pimp statutes against pornographersperhaps the initiation—the enactment of new statutes prohibiting the hiring of women for commercial purposes to engage in sexual activities.”

So, we can outlaw the production of pornography (by making it illegal to pay actresses for performing in it) and whatever the Government deems to be "hate" speech. So much for the 1st amendment. So where's the outrage from the civil libertarians in the Democratic Party? Russ Feingold, I'm looking at you.....

Why is it always just the women who are presumed to be victimized here anyhow? There is plenty of porn with men involved too. Shall we assume they also are suffering from violence against them since they are in porn? It sounds like Kagan is asserting that women are in porn only because they are being forced into it.

Laws to prevent true violence and coercion are one thing. But it sure sounds like she is actually pushing a veiled reason to enact laws to enforce a particular moral view.

Comment Re:Keep hating Microsoft though... (Score 1) 241

You may not like them; you may not like their products; you may not like their policies; you may not like their procedures but, let's be serious, the company is not evil.

You are correct. However, I won't waste my time trying to find your similar defense of Microsoft when they have been repeatedly called evil here at ./.

Comment Re:Windows 7 is still a dog. (Score 1) 375

"But pressing the winkey, start typing a name or command and pressing enter to launch about anything you can think of in Win7 is "easy" in my book."

If you know exactly what app you want yes, but its really not any better than opening up a terminal window and writing the app name.

You don't really need to "know exactly what app you want." It's actually a search tool, much like Google, and we all know how easy that is. Truth is, it is a pretty useful feature.

Comment Re:TFA wasn't clear (Score 1) 980

The long version:

1. Adobe Flash is buggy and crashes a lot. Steve Jobs also seems to have a personal beef with it for some reason.
2. Apple says, "No flash on our iAnything platforms."
3. Adobe says, "Please?"
4. Apple says, "No!"
5. Adobe says, "Okay, we've made a compiler that takes a Flash script and compiles it to an iAnything native application, using HTML 5, Apple's C-variant, and Apple's API."
6. Apple says, "We've added a clause to our developer contract that says that developers are not allowed to use anything that translates code from one language to another for the iAnything platform. You have to use OUR tools, and you must write in OUR language from the start, or you - the developer - cannot play with us." 7. Adobe says, "..."

The longer story:

1. Adobe chose to target MS platforms over Apple's offerings at a time when Apple was near death and desperately needed that investment.
2. Apple recovered anyhow and rebounded with a vengeance, delivering OSX, the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
3. Adobe seeks support for their product on Apple platforms, but are turned down.
4. Apples decision is rationalized as "Adobe Flash is buggy and crashes a lot." In truth, Steve Jobs has a personal beef with them -- hardly a surprise.
5. etc...

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