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Comment Re:Didn't (Score 1) 286

I think the FBI messed up on several levels here. When Apple said (not publicly) they wouldn't make the back door the FBI should have found another way in and not told us or Apple about it. Apple would infer that they figured out another way in when they told all of us they got in, but there would have been no big publicity thing that - it seems to me - the FBI lost.

Also, before the announcement about hiring the Israelis to do it for $15K I had been placing the cost to break into an iPhone around $60K to $100K to decap the chips and read stuff out with an electron microscope. I still wonder if my estimate is about right for the decap method and the Israelis just know a shortcut that makes it cheaper.

Comment Going To Try Old Dishnetwork Dishes (Score 1) 135

The thing with my "hotspot" is, there is no place to connect an external antenna to point at the cell tower. I intend to one day soon try an experiment where I put the hotspot at the focal point of one of my old Dish Network dishes and see if I can get better signal.

I live in an Internet desolate place and we use an AT&T "hotspot" that connects to a cell tower and is a little Wi-Fi "router" (that seems to only have one route, but that's a different rant). AT&T recently upgraded a cell tower in my area to LTE and the little hotspot connects LTE - but with only one bar. It actually seems to work though.

The hotspot does appear to have two places to connect external antennas, but I'm almost positive they're for the Wireless-N router part - not for the LTE part.

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