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Comment Ask the right persons on this topic (Score 1) 187

As the majority of the comments here should have made clear,
the last thing the community wants to hear is his opinion on the
topic (or rather the opinion that he is paid to disseminate) !
Slashdot should rather ask actual proper lawyers on the topic
known and active in the support of the open source movement,
I would nominate Richard Fontana myself as being the expert I
would love to hear more from, people can just reply to suggest
other appropriate persons.
But FM, no we don't want to hear anymore about this person,


Daniel Veillard !

Comment Re:Particularly in a press release like that. (Score 2) 270


it's also written black on white (err greyish background) there
in the abstact of the paper ! No need to guess :-)

"Abstract. This paper is a short summary of a real world AES key extraction performed on a military grade FPGA marketed as 'virtually unbreakable' and 'highly secure'. We demonstrated that it is possible to extract the AES key from the Actel/Microsemi ProASIC3 chip in a time of 0.01 seconds using a new side-channel analysis technique called Pipeline Emission Analysis (PEA)."

  that's indeed extremely fast ...


Comment Re:GNU? (Score 1) 385

Mod the above up (who worded that in a nicer way than I would).
And put the penguin back please !!! This has nothing to do with the FSF,
"give back to Caesar ..."

Comment Plastic wrapped meat in China ? Where ? (Score 1) 216

Well that story is all good and nice but except for one place in town here (I'm in China) *nowhere* is meat
wrapped in plastic. you pick pieces on the stand, handle it, get it cut, but the customer is never gonna see
any wrapping or label for his meat. And any cooking will be done thoroughly to avoid getting sick !
Yet another piece of "IT news" absolutely disconnected from reality, don't get to excited !

Comment Best tech news of the year (Score 1) 501

If that becomes true that's so far the best technology related news from me so far this year.
I doubt Apple would embrace that with pleasure, but I hope at least Opera will add support.
It's about time for open video on the Web !

    Thanks in advance Google, please don't disapoint us, if done right that's huge !



Science's Alternative To an Intelligent Creator 683

Hugh Pickens writes "Discover magazine has an interesting article on the multiverse theory — a synthesis of string theory and the anthropic principle that explains why our universe seems perfectly tailored for life without invoking an intelligent creator. Our universe may be but one of perhaps infinitely many universes in an inconceivably vast multiverse. While most of those universes are barren, some, like ours, have conditions suitable for life. The idea that the universe was made just for us — known as the anthropic principle — debuted in 1973 when Brandon Carter proposed that a purely random assortment of laws would have left the universe dead and dark, and that life limits the values that physical constants can have. The anthropic principle languished on the fringes of science for years, but in 2000, new theoretical work threatened to unravel string theory when researchers calculated that the basic equations of string theory have an astronomical number of different possible solutions, perhaps as many as 101,000, with each solution representing a unique way to describe the universe. The latest iteration of string theory provides a natural explanation for the anthropic principle. If there are vast numbers of other universes, all with different properties, at least one of them ought to have the right combination of conditions to bring forth stars, planets, and living things." So far xkcd is simulating just one single universe.

Comment Not XML itself (Score 2, Insightful) 941

Saying it's because XML parsing is slow doesn't make sense. Any decent XML parser
will parse at a 30 MBytes/s rate on a recent processor, usually one waits for I/O
it rather how that XML data are handled that makes for a slow loading, not the
XML format itself. 2 minutes of processing would mean like a multi gigabyte XML
file, that's not the problem.


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