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Comment Re: Forward in the other direction (Score 2) 205

I suspect this is all meant to catch the low hanging fruit - those people who aren't particularly techie or simply don't keep up with the news. Most technically astute users are already long gone or this will prompt the move. The simplest thing is to stop using it - pick a good alternative and start sending out those change of address emails. I still have my ISP account which I have forwarded to my primary, it's mostly a spam account but it's mildly convenient. If they pulled a stunt like this I'd dump it in a heartbeat.
Despite people bemoaning how impossible it is for them to change their primary email, it's like cleaning out the basement - yup it's work, but just do it. You'll feel better afterwards.

Comment Re: someone probably died for this mistake (Score 1) 137

Par for the course - all human tragedy reduced to obvious zingers and all new things being announced summed up with snide insults, because everyone here is too smart and too cool to post with a humane, considered response.
It's not even that someone may well have died, there's a solid possibility members of their family got sentenced to work camps for 10 or 20 years just for being related. That pudgy little fuck plays like a comic idiot but the harsh reality he's a paranoid psycho desperately holding onto power.

Comment Religion as a category (Score 2) 539

I get that there's some value to see the scale of the economics, but isn't bundling all religion into one category and comparing it to individual tech businesses like comparing all companies remotely involved with food to GM? Religion is a pretty massive category containing a crapload of competition.
As far as good works and all the "is it good or bad" talk, it's ultimately pointless. Like porn, religion ain't going anywhere. The world would be a far, far better place without it, but given human nature it would be replaced with someone equally idiotic, deceitful and hypocritical.
Do I hate religious practitioners? Naw, not as a group, some are really decent people that feel the need to join a club in order to frame their life. I don't care about that unless they can't keep it out of interactions with others.

Comment Re: Yes, definitely assholes (Score 1) 440

Is competitor google's car software meant to be truly autonomous? Honestly, I'm confused here - I thought these products were specifically intended to drive your car for you and statistically do a safer job of it. Perhaps Tesla has implemented a differently targeted product, but no matter what this particular product as described by the company is bullshit! What is the purpose of something that requires you to watch it work and be constantly alert for failure other than to tempt Darwin or cause you to fall asleep? People fall asleep at the wheel all the time, this can only raise those numbers. Just drive the damn car, or let software do it if it's safer, or don't drive.

Comment Re: Not worried, frankly. (Score 2, Interesting) 274

I see you're following the standard Slashdot policy of letting no single comment ever lie with just a nod of the head, you must complain, whine, humiliate that in some way the poster is WRONG and MISSED THE POINT. Jesus, this annoying community.
That person's oncologist made a solid point, it's basically true, and wasn't trying to explain your hypothetical "teenager with cancer", even though guess what? Teens in medieval times got cancer too!
WHO is a useful organization that does a lot of useful things, but they are subject to the same sloppy data analysis that plagues a lot of scientific papers nowadays - all too influenced by outside economic forces and preconceived notions. Even their lame-duck backpedaling on coffee was caveated with "maybe hot drinks", which is another stab in the dark at what might have conceivably tainted their findings.
Chevy Chase said it best - "scientists have determined that saliva causes cancer, but only when taken in small doses over a long period of time."

Comment Re: Smells Like A Fish Story (Score 1) 210

Yeah, the "forgotten how to code" line is the sort of chatty co-worker aside that anyone would say when returning to something they haven't done in a while, but somehow here it's been turned into a declaration of intellectual poverty. I wonder if it's this guy being a whiney loser or just a regular lazy guy whose comments are being taken out of context by the media.

Comment Re: It can't be said too many times (Score 1) 341

It's only a non-story to someone trying to be cool and more experienced than everyone else - you know, your average Slashdot user...
Come off it - buried in the EULA or not, this is inexplicably idiotic and arguably illegal behaviour. Once again Apple treats it's user base as perpetual noobs who are only aware of the apple garden.

Comment Re: define healthy (Score 1) 273

Well, I think it's a bit like porn - hard to explicitly define but know it when I see it etc.,but then I went to the site itself...
The My Little Pony vibe is not doing it any favours, at *all*. Frankly I would welcome a break from the constantly toxic, competitive snide attitude that many sites have, but not at the expense of it becoming like those "good news newspapers" that only do feel good crap that reads like excerpts from My Life is a Bowl of Cherries. There is value in dissenting opinions. What's needed is strict policing on material that crosses into personal attacks, which reddit makes no attempt to stop. It's a waste of bandwidth. Don't, however, waste everyone's time with the Happiness Channel.

Comment Re: No mor Frist Psots (Score 2) 270

Naw, it's a social network comprised of snarky, sarcastic, technically minded people locked in an eternal battle striving to be the most innately intelligent, educated, dismissive and first-past-the-post user. Lately it's been feeling like an MMO, and what a grind. Instead of "kill 10 rats" it's "humiliate 2 noobs".
In fact, while I consider Fry's comments somewhat true but ultimately pointless(logic can no more stop online membership than screaming" bread and circuses!" in front of a sports stadium), Slashdot is arguably the worse example of the sort of pointless chest thumping communities. It's like a cross between Mensa and American Gladiators.

Comment Re: give Microsoft more information about me (Score 1) 35

Yeah, if it requires a Microsoft account, thanks but no thanks. Since bypassing 8 from 7 and going to 10,it's been an "ok" experience with some improvement under the hood, but the win 10 "skin" has been flakey for me (some shell extensions cause the start menu to disappear) and USB drivers can cause random bizarre behaviour such as power cycling back on after shutting down. I can live with these, though, with hopeful improvements over time, but local root for me, please. *No* chance I'm wiring myself into the MS user sphere with my passwords sitting pretty on a Redmond server. The Android thing appealed, but nopes.

Comment Re: correlation vs causation (Score 2) 55

You're correct, but still the mainstream takeaway for the general public is "keep using computer to stave off dementia." I must admit that the results from the study seem so weak to me that there's not much takeaway at all. When I hit that age I can look at declining computer use as a (probably temporary) result of games sucking that month and I'm realizing the value of going for walks instead.
I'm not blaming the researchers for reporting it, but I just don't think there's much meat there.

Comment Of all of the tech-threatened jobs in the world... (Score 1) 508

Seriously, get real. Run through all the job types - factory assembly line, data entry, computer chip design... and you're going to propose one that requires this degree of intimacy? With the uncanny valley already a serious issue unless the lighting is "just right"?
Even if you wanted to argue that clients don't want genuine intimacy, the most this could impact is the sex doll market. Hardly mainstream.

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