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Comment Re:It's all the customers' fault... (Score 1) 406

I got bumped off a flight that I bought a ticket for 6 months in advance, and had shown up for 30min before take off. No one on the flight volunteered to get bumped. I asked the girl at the ticket counter if I could go on the plane and wave a hundred dollar bill around to solicit a volunteer, because I NEEDED to be on that plane. She refused to let me do that, and I missed my flight, and I was screwed. This was Delta, BTW.

Comment Big Ado About Nothing (Score 2) 75

I've seen this story posed over and over. Some computer sitting in Building 1 on campus, used by Course 1, was compromised. BFD. MIT's Information Services and Technology deal with computers like this every day, as does anyone who manages a network with tens of thousands of computers. There are dozens of machines a day that get compromised. This is not a server sitting in the racks; this is a computer sitting in a closet or under a desk in an academic building. There are multiple addresses people can use to report maliciousness on the network (abuse@mit.edu, stopit@mit.edu, security@mit.edu), and they take care of the compromised computers in an order that actually matters.

I guarantee you there are dozens of other computers on the MIT network right now that are also serving malware or acting as a point of entry for hackers, and they'll get dealt with as they get noticed.

Comment Re:Because they don't have any good server technol (Score 3, Interesting) 230

*YOU* can't virtualize OS X on vSphere, but they can. Because they own they software, they can do whatever they want with it.

I don't think anyone is surprised that they aren't running it on Mac OS X Server; they are surprised that they are (allegedly) running it on a MS product. It is well known that Apple hosts it's own services on Sun, Oracle, and (maybe) HP products. There long-existing web products (eg. the iTunes store) don't run on racks and racks of Xserves, if that's what you think.

Why wouldn't they be in a good position to run their own cloud service? Again, you need to throw out your assumption that their cloud service might be run on OS X and Mac hardware.

Comment Re:Its insulation, and not new (Score 1) 358

You have in your mind that you need a certain gauge to achieve a certain result. Based on my experiences as an electrician, your expectations are not what matches reality.

You can (and I have) run 15A continuously 24/7 over a decent run of 14 AWG wire with little voltage loss, and definitely no warming of the wire or connections. This includes momentary current bursts for motor startups and the like. 12 AWG is good for 20A, 10 AWG is good for 30A, 8 AWG is good for 40A, and 6 AWG is good for 50A.

The great-grandparent (child of your original post) is most correct: run some dedicated 12 AWG 20A circuits for appliances (dryers and hot water heaters need 30A, electric ranges 50A), home theatre AV, computer rooms, a couple for the kitchen counter (which is typically mandatory in code), and a couple per room, and you are set. Yes, set for the near future. No one is saying putting multiple rooms on a 15A breaker is ok.

Comment It's good Tim is getting more exposure (Score 4, Interesting) 471

(Orthogonal to the fact that everyone wishes Steve good health,)

It's good for Apple that Tim Cook is getting so much exposure at the helm. There are many shareholders, as well as a significant amount of the tech press, that think Apple can't stand on its own without Steve. Any way Apple can show that it can continue it's current success streak with or without Steve is good for the long-term health of the company.


Submission + - Verizon Finally Lands the iPhone (wsj.com)

wiredmikey writes: The WSJ and other outlets are reporting that the the iPhone is finally coming to Verizon Wireless. The largest U.S. wireless carrier will make the long-awaited announcement at an event Tuesday in New York City, a person familiar with the matter said Friday. It wasn't immediately clear when Verizon would have the device in stores. According to the Wall Street Journal, Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein, has estimated that Verizon could add more than 10 million U.S. iPhone customers....

Comment Re:Show me the price of 3 TB of SSD. (Score 1) 681

These aren't the hybrid drives that I'm looking for. The drive you linked is a spinning disk with a large cache and an algorithm to predict what to cache. What I want is actually two drives in a 2.5" disk package. In this package that would fit into a single laptop drive bay, would be a 32GB SSD and a 120GB 1.8" 4200RPM HDD. They would appear as separate drives to the computer and you'd configure the former as your boot drive and the latter as your files.

Comment 1 million Avis? (Score 1) 146

Sorry I can't find the source... but someone commented humorously that "Hertz has a unit named after them, why doesn't Avis?" Avis was semi-sarcastically named as a unit of angular velocity; 1 Avis is 2*pi radians of rotation per second, or 1 full rotation per second.

So this is 1 million Avis.

Comment Question (Score 4, Insightful) 888

So, during this time when you aren't allowed to get out of your seat, aren't allowed to use the bathroom (explicitly mentioned in an article I read):

What happens if you have to crap? Like really have to? I have a feeling if someone started yelling about how they were gonna shit their pants, a flight attendant would let them to the bathroom, although I think if you're at the point where passengers are having to yell about needing to take a crap (in front of dozens of passengers), you are opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

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