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Comment Re:Hey Guys (Score 1) 547

Libraries have book clubs. How about putting together some must watch lists for different interests and making those highly available or 1 day rentals so there are quick turn arounds. Drag together some film nuts that really like to discuss movies finer points and have discussion days on the list like very other Thursday, BOYB.

The local video store sold pizza for a few years, then switched to bbq.... then shut down the video store and sold nothing but bbq.

Comment Re:Low-Tech Way (Score 1) 165

I have a ford ranger with an extended cab with double layer limo tint on the back windows. I park opposite of what you suggest, rear facing the sun, with reflective window shades in the front windshield. It does makes a difference compared to parking the other direction. I suppose it is less clear glass pointed at the sun.

Comment Mom (Score 1) 301

Mom does not have a smart phone and prefers not to have one. But she does need a smart phone at work (a farm and feed store) at least connected to wifi to scan QR codes on coupons sent to customers by Purina. She is the only cashier that does not have a smartphone. I'm planning on sending her my old android phone now that I saw a note that google goggles can now use phones with non-autofocus cameras. If that doesnt work, I might give up my ipod. I have just too lazy to move all my podcasts to my android phone.

Comment Re:Just a few points... (Score 1) 265

Yes Baby steps.. Currently they are coping with the personnel hazards of flywheels, large banks of batteries, different chemical makeups of batteries and how to handle things when they blow up, catch on fire and go flying up into the stadium crowd. Fire suppression, using water in some cases is trouble with shorting big banks of batteries brimming with energy.. Yes.. Baby Steps.

Comment another question to answer (Score 1) 981

If you really want to ask, is putting plastic covers over outlets for safety of our children morally wrong? Is all the safety training and safety equipment morally wrong? Without the advances of safety we would have millions of people dying and darwinism would actually be working in the human race. Humanity would actually be able to evolve to our next level except because of our intelectual abilities, we have staved off our next level of evolution.

Change the question, is curing cancer morally wrong? Curing color blindness wont change much. Those who are color blind know not to go into bomb diffusion jobs or other color coded problem jobs. Evolutionary wise those who are color blind are not getting themseleves killed or dying out of the human gene pool and instead are passing on the 'damaged' gene set.

Question now is, do we now chose our evolutionary paths now?


Comment Re:What about security patches? (Score 1) 462

Yes, lets just mail Joe user a cd every quarter. Then John the hacker can just mail out his own version to Joe user and own him anyway. Best way to distribute such a cd would be bank teller pick up or drive thru pickup at the bank. Not a pile of cds on a table/desk or in the vestibule or some random public shelf.

Comment Re:It's also stupid (Score 1) 462

The credit card number generator has been compromised by man in the middle attacks. Man in the middle intercepts your ssl connection, makes another connect himself to your bank, presents you the screen he gets. You see what looks like the bank, you enter your user/pass and generated number. Man in the middle thief does the same and starts moving money.. gets a prompt for another code from the generator and spits that out at you to get another code. You supply it, he enters it for his transaction.. Bye bye money.

Feel secure holding that number generator card now?

Comment Re:Reply (Score 1) 462

Sure, clean VM may mean nothing snooping on the vm.. but what about the host? Infect the host, snoop the VM's network traffic.. You get exploited even with a clean VM.

Banks need to just put out closed hardware, like an automated teller machine.. Oh I know an ATM!

Really what should be done is the bank host a secured remote desktop session and give users a client disc. So long as the client software doesnt have a major hole, the bank can handle the software on the bank's remote desktop side.

Comment Re:Mechanical linkages != automatically safer (Score 1) 345

I've had borrowed my brother's '02 ford ranger that I experienced a throttle stuck open problem that was caused by a frayed cable linkage. I couldn't pull the pedal up. I had to shift to neutral and stop while then engine roared to 6000 rpm then dropped to 3000 rpm when the computer noticed no load. I shut the engine off after I stopped, popped the hood, spotted the fray in the throttle cable and pulled the throttle shut and drove it another 60 miles to get parts and home to fix it.

Comment Re:Nagging Nora (Score 1) 951

In some cases at least in fords, just click the seatbelt unlock button will silence the bell for the driver side chime. I tend to drive through a series of locked gates at the farm which require closing after pulling through. Putting on a seatbelt to drive through a gate at 1/2 mph isnt high priority for me. I just click the unlock button on the seatbelt latch and it silences till the next time I start the engine.

Comment Re:Make it turn the volume up (Score 1) 951

It would also help if windows would bluescreen and not immediately reboot the machine. I keep my cellphone or my dslr (it's faster) around when dealing with blue screen errors because so often a machine will blue screen and throw up a stop code. You read stop and it goes away faster than you can read the rest of the screen.

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