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Comment World-wide-web is just a mess! (Score 1) 159

This is why I run an ad-blocker, simple. The HTTP protocol has been abused so badily, what started as an amazing step for computer science decades ago, has been ruined by ad companies who themselves dish out malware / crapware. Someone asked me a while back how to browse online safely... I told them to not go online.

Comment Ads industry has ruined the internet (Score 2) 406

I run uBlock Origin and I cannot fault how well it works. As stated above and I quote, "Adblock alone has reduced my need for family-based PEBKAC support by nearly 95% in the last five years". This is true for me also. Ads are a plague on the internet and are the root cause of nearly all the issues in my view from personal experience. If a site asked me to disable my ad-blocker, I'll take my business elsewhere and I don't give a flying s**t what else anyone else has to say, (any negative comments suggest user is in the ad industry).

Comment Yahoo is well within its rights to do so... (Score 1) 328

And I'm well within my rights to change my email provder and close my Yahoo account, (I don't have one but I would if I did). They need to understand that users do not like being told what to do, and I certainly don't in particular. If all email providers go the same way, I'll setup my own mail server again like I used to many years ago. Easy to do.

Comment Another reason to try and go open-source (Score 1) 322

That's just insane! Microsoft have bended them over a table and in a gimp suit and stuck the gobstopper up their arse. We are a medium sized company and we are seriously looking at moving, as much as possible, away from Microsoft and on to open-source. I think my company should pay me half of what it would have cost us in MS licenses ;)

Comment If it were possible... (Score 1) 265

April fools i know but, The Speed of Light is simply that, a recognised speed. If I was travelling 10 light seconds at twice the SOL, I would get there in around 5 secs depending on massive magnetic interference. Something could not arrive b4 it's sent, a tiny fraction over 0 yes. I don't believe travelling at the SOL slows time, mearly presents a huge issue where hitting a tiny particle would be a disaster xD the forces involved would be insane. I could also be wrong but prove it!

Comment Re:So why aren't you protecting yourself? (Score 1) 97

I disable cookies and ONLY allow the sites I want. I use Firefox and ABP (Ad Block Plus). They can have my IP but that's all they will get. I hate the advertising companies as on some sites, especially when downloading, they swamp the whole page with "Download" buttons which look like the download buttons from the actual website they are advertising on. Total nightmare!

Comment Re:RC4 has been broken for years (Score 1) 90

I'm no expert with regards to symmetric encryption granted, but I do know a lot about it. It makes RC4 look like plain-text in comparison. I disagree with regards to using a larger key as it means there is a lot more overlap when rotating the key, why have key(x) when you can have key(x, y)? It's technically as easy hence the speed is only just slightly slower, a fraction. The problem with keys that are 256 is the rotation. I came to the conclusion that there wasn't enough scope to randomize it enough hence the 64K key. I did numerous custom tests with a 256 key and I wasn't satisfied. It doesn't waste any computation and also I found it very good at securing large files. I still can't believe that RC4 is still used with the likes of WEP, SSL. In the end, it'll never get used and just be my own personal symmetric encryption algo :)

Comment RC4 has been broken for years (Score 2) 90

I run tests on RC4 years ago, run it thru a plain text file full of the same char repeated and then run through RC4, guess what? Oh the password is showing every 256 chars, hence the "weak" key. I developed a newer version of RC4 called RC64, uses a 64K (65536 or 256 ^ 2) key. The randomisation process is very complex and the algo was only just slightly slower than RC4, which is very fast anyway. A graphical representation of the 64K key visualized pure white-noise when the key was viewed in grey-scale. They need to start using mine me thinks :) Oh, and in a 50MB file full of the same repeated char, the password was not even hinted at and no 4 bytes were the same.

Comment Scaremongering as usual (Score 1) 646

It wont make any difference, the 2 main ways viruses etc get into a machine is: 1). Browser 2). Email. The router acts as a natural firewall so it's all down to the browser, anti-virus and the user being a bit savv and looking out for anything that's not right. Security nightmare my arse! We already have a security nightmare and it's the users fault mainly for not watching out.

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