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Comment Re:controlling words (Score 2) 99

Me thinks someone did not do so well in psych 101. Just because you do not understand something does not mean it is a pseudoscience. There is plenty of biomedical (e.g., structural and functional brain studies), behavioral, and genetic research that converge on the same conclusions, conducted by people with big egos who have no interest is propping up other peoples cute little pet theories. In other word, the science of psychological disorders is cut-throat and you better have evidence to support you're claim or else you will be intellectually mowed down and decapitated. This is not a tiny self-contained group of people patting each other on the back and playing a game of "Yes, and...". These are not members of the Lone Gunmen.

Comment If your goal is to.... (Score 1) 337

If you're just looking to keep abreast of recent/current developments in your favourite science I'd recommend It's not comprehensive but it does highlight some of the coolest stuff going on that is of probable interest to edumacated types rather than the great unwashed herds of popular Everyman news about the latest diet pill to lose 50 lbs while eating nothing but pizza and cheeseburgers.
Input Devices

Equatorial Mounts For Budget Astrophotography? 85

Timoris writes "With the Perseids approaching rapidly, I am looking for a good beginner's motorized equatorial mount for astrophotography. I have seen a few for $150 to $200, but apparently the motor vibrations make for poor photographs. Orion makes good mounts, but are out of my price range ($350) and the motor is sold separately, adding to the price half over again. Does anyone have any good experience with any low- or mid-priced mounts?"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Why Google Doesn't Need to "Win" in Jan. (

explosivejared writes: " discusses how Google is "shrewdly playing" their bid for the 700 mhz spectrum. The article points at that through getting the government to put an open access stipulation on the spectrum, Google has almost assured itself of meeting its goal without actually having to win the bid. From the article:

Indeed, as long as this goal is met, it's hard to see why Google would want to take on the costly task of building and running its own network. But given how much is at stake when it comes to the mobile market, Google's vigilance is shrewd, even if it never planned to own the spectrum."

The Gimp

Submission + - GIMP 2.4 Released

DNAtsol writes: "Sure the news is a day old but I haven't seen /. mention it. The latest release of Gimp (2.4) is out and it has a whole new look and feel, impressive new features like perspective cloning, scalable brushes and filters that can fix those pesky messed up shots made by amateurs like myself. Frankly, there is at least one person drooling to dive in and play."

Feed Feature: Four ways to Windows (

When Apple introduced its first Intel-powered Macs in early 2006, the company did more than just launch OS X on a new platform. It also gave Mac users a brand-new way to run Windows apps. In this first of a five-part series, we outline the options for Intel Mac owners who want to run Windows on their machines. We also look at security and give a brief overview of Windows Vista.


Submission + - Firefox usage close to 25% in Europe.

donstenk72 writes: "Firefox cannot be stopped: close to 25% of the Europeans use the open source browser, according to the Xiti monitor. r/firefox-march-2007/index-1-2-3-77.html.

In Slovenia usage tops 40% whilst France, Germany and Finland show a percentage that is much higher than the world average.

Not really a surprise, many Europeans are open to alternatives, particularly when they work well!"
Book Reviews

Java Generics and Collections

andrew cooke writes "Java 6 was recently released, but many programmers are still exploring the features introduced in Java 5 — probably the most significant changes in the language's twelve year history. Amongst those changes (enumerations, auto-boxing, foreach, varargs) generics was the most far-reaching, introducing generic programming in a simpler, safer way than C++ templates and, unlike generics in C#, maintaining backwards (and forwards) compatibility with existing Java code." Read on for the rest of Andrew's review.

Submission + - Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe

PARENA writes: "French researcher Xiti claims that Mozilla Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe. Almost 25% of internet users in Europe uses Firefox. Slovenia (44.5%), Finland (41.3%), Croatia (36.5%) and Germany (36.2%) lead the way, followed by a group of mostly Eastern European countries. Remarkably, The Netherlands is only at 13.3%, right before Andorra. The rest of the world (except Oceania) is behind Europe, with 11.9% to 15.1%."

Submission + - Imaging the US Tax Code as a Network Graph

chaidawg writes: A plug for my own work, but I think the /. community will find it interesting. Apropos of tax day The Tax Map is a graph of the United States Tax Code, represented as a network. In the network each node represents a section of the tax code, while each edge represents a reference from one section to another. The images remind me most of the images of webs woven by drugged spiders.

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