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Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 264

But then, even more than now, dev couldn't happen at all without ops / tape apes. Developers would submit requests for tape loads, print jobs (when they actually were "jobs" queued to a line printer) and an operator would load the appropriate tape to the drive(s) or the required stock to the printer(s).

I worked as an op at a local college for a while about 15 years ago where this model was still operational. We had one line printer to print class schedules, roll sheets, transcripts, program listings, etc. And we still used reel tapes for some records along with some DLT.

I still hate VMS.

Comment Re:Yeah, but who wants to run Windows? (Score 1) 160

Have you actually run Linux on one of these machines or are you just talking out of your ass?

I have a UX305, installed Debian on it the moment I unboxed it and aside from the widely noted problem with the screen brightness keys, for which there are a number of workarounds, everything worked perfectly without any more configuration than you'd need to do in Windows.

Comment My road to Linux (Score 1) 136

I fell in love with Unix in my college computer lab in the mid-90s. I really wanted to be able to have a similar system at home. Some of the guys there were using Linux to run a BBS, which evolved into the first ISP in our area. I got Slackware floppies and assistance from them and soon enough I was running Linux too! It's been my more-or-less full-time desktop (and everything else) OS since that time.

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