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Comment Get into Linux (Score 1) 632

Seriously, pickup bash/python/C/C++ and get into Linux/shell. The demand is huge and isn't going anywhere. In case you haven't realised it, we're basically in a global recession. Most western economies are being propped up by unsustainable housing bubbles with a lot of money coming in from Chinese investors trying to land bank outside of China. Companies are not getting the investment they need and are looking to cut costs. Linux costs nothing to buy, and good engineers slash the cost of deployment. Companies are looking to automate processes and Linux is how many of them are doing it. I'm working in a team using Linux to automate migration from Cisco Call Manager Express to Cisco Unified Call Manager (centralising VoIP from routers to a core server) the entire project is being done with Linux and the pay is great. There's plenty of Linux work out there if you have the skills. Most businesses don't know howto implement Linux projects well so there's always work.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 0, Offtopic) 224

Apple professional market??? Have you tried using a mac lately. The user experience has jumped off a cliff. No audio line in on the laptops, no support for multiple display chaining over display port. Apple has lost the plot. I am writing this on a 2015 Macbook Pro I was given by my employer and the thing is a piece of junk. My 2012 Macbook Pro (recently stolen from my house by thieves) was a much better laptop, and my 2009 Mac Pro tower was a much better workstation. I have given up on Apple. Until they announce products capable of multimedia and editing which people actually want. It's off to Linux and the open source media tools which admittedly can't hold a candle to the multimedia software on Apple but at least on Razer's 13" Laptop they still have Audio Line in and out. Why Apple has chosen to screw up the most basic multimedia connectivity shows they've completely abandoned all pretence of being a multimedia machine.

Comment Re:Why this is wrong: (Score 5, Interesting) 188

We control 1/3rd of the World's Uranium supply here in Australia, with some of the largest deposits in the world in the middle of our continent. Why should we have to bend over for anybody? We are legally able to pursue a nuclear weapons program as we conducted nuclear testing in the 1950s and the NPT specifically has an exception for countries that conducted testing before the treaty was signed. Now I am definitely not saying that Australia will go down that path. But personally, if it gets us free of US overreach into our internal affairs then hell yes that's a good thing. America is probably going to get Australia dragged into a war with China over issues which most people within Australia don't/won't want to understand. Why should we bleed and die to protect American corporate profits? We should be standing on our own two feet and a nuclear shield would be an excellent way to make both China and the US take Australia more seriously. We are happy to trade peacefully with the world but we shouldn't be rushing to get involved in American follies. Iraq showed us that US leadership is capable of dangerous incompetence and Trump is hammering that home even more. A protectionist America is dangerous for the Australian economy. We are a middle power, we cannot become a protectionist nation. We must trade with the world, our needs and America's needs have begun to diverge.

Comment So much for the singularity (Score 1) 78

Looks like Moore's Law is starting to fall apart. There's what? 7nm, then Carbon transistors, then 3nm, then 1nm CPU processes left in the bag. Beyond that they can't make transistors smaller and clock speed on Carbon transistors is going to be massively heat bound. (Yes Carbon sublimates at 5000C, but your solder on your motherboard only goes to about 300-350C. Even assuming you could make Steel traces, that still only gets you to 1200C before your board traces melt let alone capacitors and other components). Interesting times.

Comment Good, let it die. (Score 1) 182

I hope they succeed. Mostly because I think it's retarded that Zuckerberg is that rich at the moment. I want Facebook to implode. Aside from Facebook events. The entire user experience has gone to hell in the last few months/years. Ads are increasingly taking over the newsfeed and it's just a user interface mess.

Comment VR IS AWESOME (Score 2) 77

I have a PSVR. Seriously this will become a massive revolution in gaming. VR is a complete overhaul of the space, racing and flight sim genres. If people haven't tried it yet I highly recommend playing the Star Wars Battlefront VR mission. This thing is insane, you're in an X-Wing cockpit, all the controls/buttons activate. You can even turn the targetting computer on/off just like in the movies! Turn around and your R2 is in the back working away. There is no gaming experience like it. In my 25 years of space gaming nothing comes close to it. 6 months ago I would have said that VR is a nice to have and that Star Citizen shouldn't focus on it too much. Now I'd argue that it's 100% essential. VR should be a core design component of any game where you sit for extended periods inside a vehicle.The realism is completely unmatched by any other medium.

Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 501

Won't happen because it'll kill MSY, ASUS, and Gigabyte. The PC Motherboard vendors have 0 reason to comply same with the GPU manufacturers. Sealing the case and not allowing interop would kill literally thousands of companies. Do you really think if cases go sealed it won't become Intel/Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung hardware?

Comment Re:tightly locked down = 5 minutes of form filling (Score 1) 501

Except they don't run Linux, and for me that's a non-negotiable option. Either it runs Linux or I don't buy it. That's for both desktops and laptops. Consoles are not content creation devices and they won't become content creation devices. You need more powerful hardware to target graphics for console hardware that's due in 1-3 years time. Only a PC can do that. Maya is PC only. You can port all the unity/cryengine toolkits you want. Without modeling/animation/rigging software the engines are useless.

Comment Motorola Atrix (Score 1) 127

Boring, the Motorola Atrix did this first. Good concept poor execution. Phones will need 4-16GB of RAM to be useful. The Atrix had 1GB of ram and ran a Linux desktop. The experience was pitiful. They had the best concept by far for running phone apps in a window next to your desktop apps but the phone just didn't have the RAM to keep up. Firefox could open 1-3 tabs before it'd run out of ram and close. A full X11 stack running on Android is a good idea but only if the environment is unlocked in exactly the opposite way to how Android currently locks down the environment. You need to be able to add/remove desktop software to your phone for the concept to work.

Comment Maybe in Windows and Apple Land (Score 1) 449

Ok so my take on it is this: Apple without Jobs is stale/boring/useless. They were going in a bad direction when they axed the professional lines, and now that they've completely ditched the professional market there's nothing interesting there. They used to be a media powerhouse, now it's a glorified browser machine. Yuck. Windows is still doing it's boring old thing of plodding along as an annoying mess with an interface you're stuck with and no access to the guts. Linux has become more useful as an entertainment system, but still pretty horrid for media creation. Recent bright spots include Krita, and the video editing stack which seems to finally be getting somewhere. We still need an equivalent to the video compositing features of Quartz on the Mac.Now to the wider tech space. VR is exciting but this insane focus on performance over content is slowly killing it. What's needed is something like X-Wing Alliance or Freespace 2 to gain VR support so that the VR platform has something compelling which isn't over in 30 seconds going for it. On the Open source gaming front it's better than ever with Unity/Unreal 4/Cryengine all being open source but more can be done. Tools Tools Tools is the name of the game, we need more modellers, more editors etc.Microsoft/Mac are the problem but Linux seems to be holding its own and improving compared to those two platforms.

Comment Update the laws (Score 4, Insightful) 65

Yeah the Director is right. They should update the laws. TO STRENGTHEN CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS. The judges should be coming down on this shit hard. Your e-mail is exactly the same as your private mail. They couldn't open it then and they shouldn't open it now. It's not rocket science. Your communications are yours and not the governments. Is the post office allowed to read your mail? Fuck no.

Comment Re:VR (Score 1) 105

No, VR works, but the killer apps for it are racing, flight, and space flight simulation. But if you think Mario would suck in VR, I suggest you checkout the VR Playroom on Playstation. It's great. You are correct in that FPS/running games are completely stupid in VR. But the medium has a lot of promise in other titles.

Comment VR (Score 3, Interesting) 105

Nintendo is going to miss the VR wave. This is a massive mistake. As someone who owns a PSVR and has played the Battlefront X-Wing demo. Nintendo is missing a massive opportunity here, remember Factor 5 and the Star Wars games? This is the perfect time for that style of game and they're going to miss it. There are games in the VR Playroom which definitely tread on Nintendo's turf, the mini robot games in particular feel so much like a modern take on Mario it's ridiculous. Nintendo has lost the plot.

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