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Comment The Real Revolution (Score 1) 241

Metalicarap is the real 3D printing revolution: It can print solar panels which means it can power itself. It can double as an electron microscope, and importantly it can refine, recycle and print metals. When complete Metalicarap is going to disrupt the entire world. The plastic 3D printers were never going to be more than toys. Eventually you might have both in your house, but the Metal 3D printers are the real game changers.

Comment Re:Oh wonderful (Score 2) 55

Everyone is in it to make money, what part of that don't you understand? Why stay private and have a few hundred million dollars when you can go public and rake in the billions.

Comment Re:Hurts them more than us [Re:Consumer prices] (Score 1) 742

This is all under the assumption that Trump doesn't try to form a trade bloc with Australia, Britain, Europe, Canda, Japan, and Korea. You know, the rest of the developed world. Really it's more about axing easy access to third world labor in advanced countries. We shouldn't be trading with lower paid workers until their economies advance to the conditions in the developed world.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 742

You do realise that $18 billion is chump change right? Like seriously, the USA buys a shitload more goods than 18 billion worth from China. They would be much better off if they cut China out of their economy. The manufacturing which China does, they are not the sole provider of. The USA would be quite able to continue importing from Korea/Japan/Vietname/Taiwan until they are up and running again with Made in the USA.

Comment Playstation VR Works on Linux (Score 1) 64

I've been playing around with a Playstation VR Headset. It works just fine on Linux, has head tracking built into the headset and is detectable over USB. thanks to libpsvr: it is really easy to make the headset switch from Cinema mode into VR Mode. I am currently working on Adding VR support to Vegastrike and Freespace 2.

Comment Re:Everything's consolidating (Score 4, Interesting) 132

No the last 100 years were a fluke brought on by Two World Wars and a Great Depression which blew away all the wealth of the world and reset the system to a near 0 state. All the businesses and investments in Europe and Asia were toast. Australia was still an early society which hadn't matured/developed into a class structure system. The United States had been crippled by the Great Depression which wiped out most of the Elite's wealth leaving only a few wealthy people. The resulting economic boom from rebuilding from a 0 state was always going to be temporary without strong government intervention/market protections and the US completely dropped the ball on that. Most Western countries have completely lost the plot with wealth inequality and it's back to business as usual.

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