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Comment Replicators (Score 1) 537

RepRap project here: is working to bring (almost) Star Trek style replicators into your home, which will free millions from having to work crummy manufacturing jobs, and will crash the price of Titanium and metal manufacturing. It is 100% open source and is being designed by engineers and programmers working together. It is also capable of printing solar panels which will help alleviate the world's energy and carbon problems.

Comment Re: I think... (Score 5, Insightful) 387

What about his oath to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies including domestic? The NSA surveillance clearly violates search and seizure and the 4th ammendment, From the US Constitution: "[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." I don't see probable cause determined with the NSA domestic spying programs.

Comment Haha America (Score 4, Insightful) 194

And the decline of the USA continues. Experience shits all over youth. At 22 I couldn't code for shit. At 31 I can do 20x what I could at 22 and my skillsets make actual money instead of junk. US tech companies are vastly overrated. I'd bet that 200 seasoned 40-65 year olds could build a much better OS than Microsoft or Apple could. And they wouldn't fuck up the control panel design either.

Comment Vote for Jill Stein and Gary. (Score 4, Informative) 528

Vote for the Libertarian and the Greens and get a proper debate going for once. America has a lot of problems which need real attention. The two major parties are a crapfest of corruption and greed. There needs to be an open dialog. It's time the third parties got a say. It's funny how Americans bang on about free speech yet they deny their political parties a voice.

Comment Australian Experience (Score 2) 643

I'm 31, and based in Melbourne, originally from Adelaide YMMV. I grew up in a smaller town. I noticed that many of the things which people are bitter about appeared to be true. But the reality is more complicated. When I was living in Adelaide, it was very hard to meet women and even harder to date them. Men outnumbered women by a large margin. After moving to Melbourne a few years ago I very quickly noticed that the gender ration has dramatically shifted. A lot of women had left Adelaide to move to Melbourne and I was finding myself surrounded by women, often younger single women. The social conditioning of the society is playing a role. In Adelaide the environment was very fishbowl-like and there was a really strong conservative vibe to the place. In Melbourne it's very socialist/egalitarian. People don't care if you're rich or poor. I have a car and I rent an apartment. Not a fancy apartment. Two bedroom and I spend about 1/3rd of my monthly salary on rent. This seemed to be enough to get interest. I don't think being wealthy is a criteria. I think it's more about the social circumstances and the economic circumstances that the couple find themselves in. Would you risk a pregnancy if you couldn't afford to raise a child? Probably not. The economy is crap at the moment. In Australia housing is ludicrous. $1 million is rapidly becoming the norm for house prices in Melbourne and Sydney. This hasn't affected the chances of getting sex, but has definitely changed how having kids and buying property operates. I can see how living at home with your parents to buy a house is going to kill your chances of sex.

Comment Re:Problem is it's analog (Score 3, Informative) 154

WRONG. I went to Tokyo in 2012. I stood in Akihabara and watched an 8K video of the London Olympics opening and Closing ceremonies provided by NHK on a 8K screen. I also own a 4K screen at home so I can say with absolute certainty. The difference was highly noticeable. The camera angles they were shooting took in the entire stadium. You could make out every face in the crowd. Could actually pick individuals with clarity in shots which would never be possible on a normal resolution or even 2-4k resolution screen. 8K resolution is perfect for cinemas. Admittedly it seems a bit pointless on a TV below 70-80+ inches in size. But the picture quality was stunning and to this day I haven't seen anything that looked as good. Japan has the right idea. By pushing technology and adoption of technology they are staying ahead of their competitors. Sure they're not wildly ahead, but they are still ahead of their competitors.

Comment One small problem.... (Score 1) 331

How exactly is Mr Cameron proposing that Cinemas compete with 82-100" UHD TVs? The cinema only goes up to 4-8K resolution currently. You can get screens that'll do that in your house which are gigantic. The cinema has already lost all of its advantages. The 82" TVs are going to crash in price within 3-5 years.

Comment Linux Game development (Score 1) 412

The Linux game library needs a leg up. It can get this by having more open source developers work on reverse engineering/reimplmenting Windows games on Linux. Projects like OpenMW could be extended to add support for Oblivion/Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas/Fallout 4. Major developers are still holding off porting a lot of AAA titles. There needs to be more games built by the community and more awareness made of the games available. Most people aren't aware that OpenMW hackers have already got Oblivion assets loading, or that there's a GTA3 Linux engine remake.

Comment America (Score 2) 704

The Democratic party has a huge problem. It's also a pretty simple problem: If the US equivalent of the Australian Electoral commission got caught picking a favourite between one of the two major parties there would be a royal commission and a complete overhaul of our political system. The Democratic Party in America should be showing the same level of impartiality between candidates as the Electoral Commission does. It hasn't, and now people are rightly pissed off. This issue isn't going to go away. They have a serious problem on their hands and I don't think that merely putting Sanders on the ballot to run against Hillary for the nomination is enough to fix it.

Comment Re:Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 639

Actually you could not compete with John Deere, Simply because of Copyright and Patent law. Both of which give John Deere a very powerful position where you can't just create your own combine harvester. If you need a fully optimised design, and the most optimal design is under patent. You will never beat them no matter what you manage to come up with on your own. Because their design is more optimal.

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