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Comment Ah yes (Score 1) 47

I've encountered this bug. The laptop will sleep the SSD and suddenly nothing in the filesystem works. It's like it's just unmounted or force disconnected and doesn't come back without a hard reboot.

Comment Re:And also... (Score 2) 374

GIMP criticism is different to some of the other projects. GIMP is trying to make an artists tool and the problem is unless they completely rip off Photoshop's interface they will always face criticism for not being photoshop. Art tools are like religions. There is only one true way, and everyone has a different version of that way. That's why open source art tools are never going to be good enough until they've ripped off Paint shop Pro, Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX, MAYA, Lightwave, Caligari Truespace (my preferred tool), Rhino 3D etc etc. It's never going to be good enough to have one or some of those tools. It has to be all of them.

Comment Housing in Australia (Score 2) 115

Housing in Australia has several components to it which I will try to cover in this post. I live in Melbourne Australia and I want to provide insight to people interested in learning more. 1. The 1980s Hawke/Keating Market reforms set the country up for the past 30 years of economic growth. Anyone denying that is crazy. They floated the currency, freed up the market for global trade and set the nation on a path to long term wealth. They did however over stamp on the breaks in 1991 causing a short recession. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... 2. Negative Gearing and the Capital Gains Tax concessions are two massive tax breaks for existing home owners. Their effects are huge and not to be underestimated. Negative gearing allows any loss on a property such as repair work or investment loss to be written off against the owner's taxable income. Originally it was introduced to boost investment in the housing market. The Capital gains discount allows a property owner to not pay tax on 50% of their profit on a property when they sell it. In the current market this has created a situation where it is better to leave a property empty, appreciating in value and then sell it without the hassle of dealing with tenants and property management firms. http://www.abc.net.au/news/201... 3. Foreign investment. Market research data from Vancouver shows that implementing a 15% tax on foreign property investment caused a property price drop of around 20%. Where that money is coming from doesn't really matter, the point is that foreign investment accounts for approximately 8-11% of properties purchased in the market. https://www.bloomberg.com/news... 4. Recent studies of water usage in Melbourne and Sydney show that upto 80,000 properties in Melbourne alone lie vacant. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/ne... and http://www.afr.com/real-estate... 5. Immigration, 182,000 people migrated to Australia in 2015-16 the 2016-17 stats are not available http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats... This is a large number by Australian standards, but most immigrants are not rich enough to buy property outright. Mostly they increase competition in the rental market. Most of these people are settling in Sydney and Melbourne with an estimate of 70-80% of people moving to these two cities. http://www.abc.net.au/news/201... 6. The mining/resources boom. In the late 1990s/early 2000s the mining/resources boom brought a ton of wealth into Australia, this prevented a natural correction from occurring in the property market. More money flooded into the market which has helped to inflate prices and keep the cycle going. Now, with all of these factors combining there are many things occurring in the domestic market. Yes the car industry is closing, but overall that's not a big deal so far, because we haven't been exporting many cars for years and it's been a government funded jobs program. Wages are stagnant and growth is quite low at the moment, at the same time we have seen layoffs increasing especially in the mineral states such as Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. The biggest threat to the economy in my opinion is high house prices growth at a time of high unemployment growth. We are seeing areas which most people would not consider desirable to purchase housing in (traditionally poverty stricken high crime areas) now seeing record six and even seven digit house prices. The high house prices are only a social benefit if people lock in their gains. A crash is assuredly coming. The average family on $60,000-80,000 + $45,000-55,000 income (say $105,000-$135,000) Are going to struggle to repay these loans. (Remember these figures are pre-tax) any shock to the banking sector/interest rates is going to see loan defaults 1% rate rises on million dollar loans means another $10k/year the owner has to stump up. The average house price in Sydney and Melbourne has already hit over $1 million, so incomes to house prices are at 9-10x yearly incomes. This is a historical danger zone for house prices, most housing bubbles pop without government intervention at these levels. There are many articles which refer to an ideal price to income ration of 3-5 times yearly income, most economists believe that at 7 times yearly income housing markets become dangerously unstable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... For the moment Australia has not been subject to a crash. But as has been said, we're the lucky country run by fools. The government has recently blown up government debt, leaving few options to deal with an economic crisis.

Comment Get into Linux (Score 1) 632

Seriously, pickup bash/python/C/C++ and get into Linux/shell. The demand is huge and isn't going anywhere. In case you haven't realised it, we're basically in a global recession. Most western economies are being propped up by unsustainable housing bubbles with a lot of money coming in from Chinese investors trying to land bank outside of China. Companies are not getting the investment they need and are looking to cut costs. Linux costs nothing to buy, and good engineers slash the cost of deployment. Companies are looking to automate processes and Linux is how many of them are doing it. I'm working in a team using Linux to automate migration from Cisco Call Manager Express to Cisco Unified Call Manager (centralising VoIP from routers to a core server) the entire project is being done with Linux and the pay is great. There's plenty of Linux work out there if you have the skills. Most businesses don't know howto implement Linux projects well so there's always work.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 0, Offtopic) 224

Apple professional market??? Have you tried using a mac lately. The user experience has jumped off a cliff. No audio line in on the laptops, no support for multiple display chaining over display port. Apple has lost the plot. I am writing this on a 2015 Macbook Pro I was given by my employer and the thing is a piece of junk. My 2012 Macbook Pro (recently stolen from my house by thieves) was a much better laptop, and my 2009 Mac Pro tower was a much better workstation. I have given up on Apple. Until they announce products capable of multimedia and editing which people actually want. It's off to Linux and the open source media tools which admittedly can't hold a candle to the multimedia software on Apple but at least on Razer's 13" Laptop they still have Audio Line in and out. Why Apple has chosen to screw up the most basic multimedia connectivity shows they've completely abandoned all pretence of being a multimedia machine.

Comment Re:Why this is wrong: (Score 5, Interesting) 188

We control 1/3rd of the World's Uranium supply here in Australia, with some of the largest deposits in the world in the middle of our continent. Why should we have to bend over for anybody? We are legally able to pursue a nuclear weapons program as we conducted nuclear testing in the 1950s and the NPT specifically has an exception for countries that conducted testing before the treaty was signed. Now I am definitely not saying that Australia will go down that path. But personally, if it gets us free of US overreach into our internal affairs then hell yes that's a good thing. America is probably going to get Australia dragged into a war with China over issues which most people within Australia don't/won't want to understand. Why should we bleed and die to protect American corporate profits? We should be standing on our own two feet and a nuclear shield would be an excellent way to make both China and the US take Australia more seriously. We are happy to trade peacefully with the world but we shouldn't be rushing to get involved in American follies. Iraq showed us that US leadership is capable of dangerous incompetence and Trump is hammering that home even more. A protectionist America is dangerous for the Australian economy. We are a middle power, we cannot become a protectionist nation. We must trade with the world, our needs and America's needs have begun to diverge.

Comment So much for the singularity (Score 1) 78

Looks like Moore's Law is starting to fall apart. There's what? 7nm, then Carbon transistors, then 3nm, then 1nm CPU processes left in the bag. Beyond that they can't make transistors smaller and clock speed on Carbon transistors is going to be massively heat bound. (Yes Carbon sublimates at 5000C, but your solder on your motherboard only goes to about 300-350C. Even assuming you could make Steel traces, that still only gets you to 1200C before your board traces melt let alone capacitors and other components). Interesting times.

Comment Good, let it die. (Score 1) 182

I hope they succeed. Mostly because I think it's retarded that Zuckerberg is that rich at the moment. I want Facebook to implode. Aside from Facebook events. The entire user experience has gone to hell in the last few months/years. Ads are increasingly taking over the newsfeed and it's just a user interface mess.

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