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Comment Re:You Can't Fight the Internet (Score 5, Insightful) 544

Bullshit, period. The CHP workers were just plain wrong to release the photos unless they go through their public information office. Ya, once out they are in the wild, but they shouldn't BE in the wild. The boss has control, the pics are CHP property. Suing the CHP will probably be worthwhile to the family ($$$, hey I pass no judgment on that) but it will Definitely tighten up any loose cannons at the CHP. The workers that did this should be held strictly accountable for any pain and suffering by the family through their negligence and the CHP must be made to enforce that on the rest of them. Oh, BTW I am in that line of work and it would never occur to me to pull such a stupid stunt. DMC

Comment Snow buildup on LED lights (Score 1) 303

A couple of years ago I was driving in Maine during a snowstorm. The yellow and green light bulbs were clear, but the red ones, apparently LED bulbs (I was told that), were totally covered with windblown snow. A dangerous situation. I was told they don't produce enough heat to melt the snow off them. I suggested little heaters for them. Think about it...

Submission + - RI hearing in a song-swapping lawsuit postponed ( 1

DMCBOSTON writes: The big guns are lining up in a Rhode Island RIAA case maybe? "A Harvard Law School professor had been scheduled to ask a judge to bar the music industry from forcing the parents of Joel Tenenbaum to surrender their computer. But Magistrate Judge Lincoln Almond postponed the hearing until Jan. 6 to make sure all lawyers in the case, including a couple from outside Rhode Island, were authorized to appear in court." Apparently, the judge wants every lawyer to be admitted before the RI Bar. That sounds reasonable. "Tenenbaum, a 24-year-old graduate student, is targeted in a lawsuit that is part of the music industry's campaign against people who share music online. He is accused by the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, of downloading at least seven songs and making 816 music files available for distribution on the Kazaa file-sharing network in 2004." "Central to Nesson's case is a challenge to the constitutionality of a federal copyright law at the heart of the industry's aggressive strategy, which has wrung payments from thousands of song-swappers since 2003. Also Monday, Almond denied a request from a music industry lawyer to order that evidence in the case be preserved after Nesson argued it would effectively prevent the Tenenbaums from using their computer." Maybe NYCL can shed some light on this?
Operating Systems

Submission + - $99 open source mini from Popular Mech homepage (

DMCBOSTON writes: "From the article: "The catch: You'll need to provide a mouse, keyboard and monitor, and sign a $13-per-month contract. But considering how easy it was to set up our unit, and the company's policy of overnighting a new box if yours fails, the Zonbu might be the future of hassle-free computing. — Erik Sofge" Too good to be true? It appears that PM at least tested this. But, from the FAQ "but you cannot install applications on Zonbu. We provide you 20 world-class applications , more than most people ever need. By restricting your ability to install applications, we enhance the security of Zonbu" So, what's going on? Any ideas? (I KNOW that you folks have an opinion...)"

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