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Comment 5150 rememberances (Score 1) 154

I had to use a dual-drive original PC for a few years in the early 80s and my first thoughts of it are the lack of a proper reset switch was always annoying. Nothing quite like the "Big Red Switch" feel when you turned the computer on. The feel and sound of the full height floppy drive door clicking as you opened and closed it. The weight was amazing.for such a little machine. The CGA and monochrome output, before the Hercules card came along, was both annoying at times as well as pretty darn good when using a plain green screen. To this day I prefer my console access to be green lettering on black. The solid blinking cursor was cool.The keyboard was awesome and it must be if it is still being sold today. Booting a DOS machine with a floppy seems to about as long as a modern machine today, not much has changed. Clones quickly followed and the acid test then was Lotus 123 and if it ran Lotus you were fine.

Comment Wish we could move (Score 2) 518

It would be prudent to move where the jobs are but those of us that got suckered in with a mortgage are now upside down and unable to move. We're locked into living in a dead/dying economy (Michigan) by a mortgage that is sinking further year after year. Those of us mortgage-locked would sure benefit from telecommuting positions but they seem more of a fairy tale than reality. If only companies would realize that they could give us VPN access to their infrastructure and we could do the work from home, we don't need always sit in a cubicle on-site. The lack of true leadership coming out of Washington continues to worsen year after year. Heck, remember last year the state department sending millions of dollars to train middle-eastern country (Pakistan?) Java programming? Why couldn't they spend that money and train us folks here?

Comment Re:CFL are no savings (Score 1) 990

My parents just had a CFL fail after three months of use, and it failed with a large explosion sound and the strong smell of something burning. They quickly got the light out of the house to keep it from stinking further. I've had one that failed within a year and the plastic base had gotten extremely hot in one spot it distorted the plastic. We need to move past CFL quickly and into something else like LED. I'll also throw in my two cents regarding incandescent and how we rely on the heat generated almost 3/4 of the year, I don't want a more efficient light most of the year. Sure wish Washington would just leave us all alone and worry about the important stuff like financial stability and commerce, national defense, and not much else, well, the national parks are pretty cool.

Submission + - Did you wash your belly button this morning? (

DKirk writes: A total of 1,400 strains of bacteria were discovered living in human belly buttons while 662 were unknown previously. Our personal microbial jungles continue to reveal new discoveries of what is really living on our skins.

Comment Patent Trolls (Score 2) 380

The patent troll issue needs to be addressed immediately, and that can be dealt with quickly unlike education. The stench coming from that court in Texas where the patent trolls play is affecting the entire nation. Surely most of us here on Slashdot are capable of some brilliant tech that could easily be taken away by some obscure and broad patent filed a decade ago, and don't those stories play in the back of our minds when we write code? Start to revive our mojo by starting with real patent reform that works to move the industry forward.

Comment GoDaddy Girls (Score 5, Interesting) 96

I've used GoDaddy for many years but have started to shy away from them recently due to the girls being just a little over the top for a professional business. I found it awkward too many times dealing with businesses and their comments regarding the plastering of girls everywhere on the site, especially when I'm dealing with a female executive and the awkwardness when the girls display on the screen front and center. Another issue with GoDaddy is their site always feels sluggish, as if they are running their site on 10 year old servers.

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