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Comment Telecommuters, think again. (Score 1) 529

Personally, I think that telecommuting rules, and working in an office sucks. :)
However, here are some valid counterpoints to ponder:
  1. The Agile Manifesto states that -- "The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation."
  2. Any job you can do well from home, someone else can do from Bangalore, at a fraction of the cost.

Comment Re:Some examples that contradict the Wired asserti (Score 1) 115

Right on! Google was attacked from within China. was attacked from within China when they were supporting a petition to release Ai WeiWei. Are these attackers government sponsored? Let's hope so! If not, our predicament is even worse -- If relations between the US and China were to deteriorate, the Chinese government would try a plethora of other alternatives to meet its objectives, before escalating to full cyberwar. An independent, cybervigilante group would escalate to cyberwar much sooner. After all this, denying not just the possibility, but the very existence, of cyberwar, is wilful ignorance.

Programmable Quantum Computer Created 132

An anonymous reader writes "A team at NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) used berylium ions, lasers and electrodes to develop a quantum system that performed 160 randomly chosen routines. Other quantum systems to date have only been able to perform single, prescribed tasks. Other researchers say the system could be scaled up. 'The researchers ran each program 900 times. On average, the quantum computer operated accurately 79 percent of the time, the team reported in their paper.'"

Submission + - Chemical Brothers Launch New VIdeo In Second Life

Joanne writes: "The Chemical Brothers are excited to announce the virtual world premiere for their new video "Do It Again" in Second Life. The video will air at Illusion Factory Concert Pavilion in Second Life on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 7pm EST and will be available for viewing until June 26 th . Special official band virtual promotional items will be available for fans to take away and enjoy. The video was directed by Michael Haussman (Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Madonna) and features vocals by up-and-coming Londoner Ali Love. "Do It Again" is the first single off their sixth album We Are The Night, set for release on July 2 in the UK and July 17 in the US."

Smart Car Coming To the US In Jan. 2008 575

Blahbooboo3 writes "After many delays and missed promises, the Smart Car is finally coming to the US in January 2008. Smart Car uses a specially designed crash cage to protect the driver and gets upwards of 40 miles per gallon. Crash tests are very positive. The car is deceptively large inside, as showcased by this great ad from the Smart USA site. The second-generation Fortwo will be offered first, starting around $14,000. Unfortunately the slick roadster isn't coming any time soon."

Submission + - Orson Scott Card Confirms Ender's Game Video Games (

lymeca writes: In an interview over at Gaming Today, Orson Scott Card confirms the development of an Ender's Game video game and elaborates on the multitude of potential future games in the Ender universe. He also talks about his experiences writing for and playing games, as well as why he believes games inherently never have the potential for storytelling on the level of novels and films. From the interview: "What makes a game work is the opposite of what makes a story work. In a story, you are seeking to find out what really happened — why people do what they do, what the results of their choices are. You identify with the character(s) but you do not control them. Instead, the author has the ultimate authority. ... In a game, the opposite illusion must be created. Even though most games absolutely force you to follow preset paths, the gamewrights try to give you the illusion that you are making free choices."

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