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Comment Re:I don't (Score 4, Informative) 64

Battery life is (for me) ~10days
Mostly, yeah most apps are silly on that screen*. However for what it is designed to do (which is basically act as a second display for notifications from your phone) it is fine.
$150 for a device that means I don't miss calls / txts when out because I didn't hear it go off / was listening to music at the time? Easily worth it. If you don't need that functionality? Then no; but then again that is true of any device.
Oh, and actually yeah, the hipsters do rather like the pebble, from the ones I've met. Heck, they (and a few geeks) are the only ones who know what it is when they see it.
*The one app I have installed is the google authenticator which is ideal for the form factor. I've not found / thought of another one.

Comment Re:Well..Term limits. (Score 1) 254

not if the drive's serial number no longer matches. plus the original xbox (don't know about the 360) used a little used feature of the ide spec involving a HDD password that was encoded into the bios - drive ignores any read/writes until someone transmits the correct code, making it somewhat difficult to dupe the drive

Comment Re:If I were Sun-Oracle (Score 1) 183

What the hell does a government think they are doing controlling a PUBLIC company? You want our products? Buy them. You don't want us to participate with your businesses? See ya.

As has been said above (and will probably be said below in various forms) - it cuts both ways. To rephrase that in line with your (mildly inflammatory) tone:

You want to sell in our country? Obey our laws. You don't want to obey our laws? See ya.

Unfortunately, it is awkward since its fairly hard to be a seriously large company these days without operating in both the states and in europe (q.f. the problems one company (I forget who) had when the Sarbanes-Oxley stuff came in, which contradicted French law, making it (at the time) technically impossible to continue).

Comment Re:I'm dizzy. (Score 1) 356

Eh? more like under a minute actually. (couldn't see any particular speed figures, but assuming mars earth distance is ~5.5x10^10m, and assuming perfectly linear accel / deccel (which in space ain't that wrong I guess), you get a deltav of ~1.7x10^3ms^-2, now given his trip was only under 1.3x10^6m, using good old a level mechanics that gives you a time of just under 40s...*

*of course, this assumes vast amounts of stuff, including no air resistance and instant change from accel to deccel, but hey.

Comment Re:Configurable (Score 2, Insightful) 404

but in my experience it just makes the game fun.

Apart from that ruddy blue shell. A couple of games with friends and that was enough to put me off playing it again. I mean, fine give better weapons / bonuses to the players at the back, but regularly simply bomb the guy in the lead with no recourse whatsoever? Meh.

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