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Comment Backwards (Score 1) 361

This is so backwards:

Hollywood and its high-tech partners are deeply concerned that their customers will rebel against some of the limitations taking shape as video moves away from physical discs.
Consumers, the industry believes, could balk at buying digital movies and TV shows until they can bring their collections with them wherever they go — by and large the same freedom people have with DVDs.

The main limitation that's taking shape is Big Content's want for absolute control over media files. What we're balking at is the idea of locked down files that only play on certain network-connected systems with licensed hardware or software. The solution is to sell DRM-free files of content we actually want.

Music albums, TV networks and to some extent movies are all designed around selling content we want mixed with crap we don't want. Well guess what? The jig us up.

Comment Too much of a good thing? (Score 1) 65

If some computer-related activities can (apparently) change the way the brain works, I wonder if too much of it can have adverse effects. For example I've been using computers for about 30 years now and it's pretty apparent that my brain works quite differently than people who don't. Has this left me at a disadvantage WRT social interaction? I wonder if anyone has done research on that. *searches Google for it* d'oh!

Comment From a Candian... (Score 1) 526

and local governments $2.6 billion in tax revenue.

Glad to hear it, eh! It's amazing what you can do when you get internet in your igloo.

Guess what Hollywood? Even if I couldn't easily download your movies I would never buy them. They suck. Make something worth watching and maybe I'll bother seeing it in the theater. Or, you know, try making a movie that doesn't need millions of dollars of special effects to make up for the overwhelming lack of creativity.

Comment IMAX affecting box office timeline? (Score 1) 820

I wonder if the fact that the movie is available in IMAX delays what would normally be opening weekend income. There are far fewer IMAX screens so most people who want to see it in that format won't be able to view it at that time.

For example here in Ottawa there is only one IMAX screen playing it and if we estimate 20 showings over the weekend at 400 people per showing that's only 8000 viewers. Not much for a city of a million.

I'll be more interested to see first-week sales figures.

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