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Journal Journal: True Love

I am putting this here and not at my usual place because most people that know me in real life don't know about my journal here. Actually, more so Kat don't accidentally read this and get even more uncomfortable.

I loved her when it was easy to love her.
I loved her when it got harder to love her.
I hated her when it got difficult to love her.
I loved her again when it got impossible to love her.

The last love was not from me, and it was not from me to give, I only act as a conduit for His love. Hate is the easiest way out, but that would not be a good reflection on what kind of person I am supposed to be.

Love overpowers all things.

I love you.

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Journal Journal: **No Title** 1

Why does my heart still ache for the same she, when she is now again over ten Mm away. My heart should feel anger, not anguish, after what she has done to me.

When will she answer my calling.

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Journal Journal: No again! 1

Twice, 6 weeks and a week ago.

QQ? Nah. Not anymore.

Same she though. Sad.


Journal Journal: Look, another year.

Well, it's been a year since I wrote something here. Let me see... University is highly overrated. I learn more programming and doing stuff at work than what I learn at classes or assignments... but then again, I did learn something from assignments, but that's from the act of doing things, it's not like I won't get a chance to do similar stuff at work, or for my personal interest.

In the end, I wish employers won't pay so much attention to education levels, because they can be cheated (quite upset I failed that excessively difficult course because there wasn't a bellcurve with everyone cheating), and they don't exactly reflect what the person can do. Those employers who look specifically for high grades (and nothing else are definitely not looking at the right thing.

Experience is still important in the end. I am extremely grateful for the job I have.

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Journal Journal: More about me...

Well, I claim to be a DJ, but I don't do much of it anymore, because I am too occupied with my job as a programmer and going to university at the same time. Oh well, that is too unfortunate, but I still get my dose of trance, house, and techno whenever I need, and of course, I run Linux, although I do have other Windoze machines at home... because I need to run games. I think game makers should do releases for Linux, even if they are quite hard to do... You want to know how, comment on this.

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