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Comment my table is cool too (Score 1) 110

Um, I Mr. Johnny Lee is a master hacker. In context, I will humbly mention my own effort in this area, using a simple webcam and projector (no Wiimote). I have a hand-tracking version too, but this video shows a table interface controlled by an LED or candle (light source).

Submission + - parab0xx: a light-controlled musical interface (

DJ Fadereu writes: "We have made the cheapest possible imitation of Microsoft Surface and the reacTable, using a $5 webcam, a rented data projector ($20 per day), and Python (FREE!):) Watch the video to see the results.

parab0xx is a software prototype that shows how you can interact with virtual images projected on a simple living room table. You can play games, make music, or even edit videos. In short, it is a kind of primitive computer that obeys the instructions of a simple LED (light-emitting diode). Alternately, you can use a luminous phone screen, a candle's flame, or even a piece of white paper as a cursor.

We used a Compaq Presario running Windows XP, an old Intel webcam (probably Chinese too), and a regular data projector. The projector and camera were tied to a wooden slab which supported the roof and the image was projected vertically on a waist-high black table on the ground. The webcam was aligned to read the image from the projector, as it fell on the table's surface. The setup works only after nightfall and in a dim, bar-like environment."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How to walk in English, using cellphone tracking (

DJ Fadereu writes: "On Saturday the 28th of July, I walked for seven hours in Bombay's art district. I was carrying a cellphone which I did not touch during the entire journey. Using cell tower triangulation, I oscillated between the three vertices of a virtual triangle, and a central 'safe zone' to create a trinary notation trail. My phone transliterated this trail into plain English and sent it out as an SMS. We've put up some pictures from the event. I walked in English, which is a kind of first in history ;)"

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