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Comment How can law apply? (Score 1) 471

To put you on track with my opinions on Facebook: I feel no desire to use it, it's a self maintaining address book for me. Now, I'm really wondering what gives Germany the right to say Facebook should allow nicknames, since when is it a users right to use Facebook by law? Is there a hosted in germany for germans? I dont think so. you use Facebook on free will on terms they define... you don't like it, go somewhere else!

Comment Lots of intrest, little time (Score 1) 124

A great initiative it is indeed,
but what about all of us that do not have consistent time to spend on a course even though we would love to follow it. even if that means not receiving the note from the teacher to say you passed this course in such and so way... still being allowed to take the exams for your own interest, I know for a fact that I don't have 8 hours a week for homework, but could sqeez out 3 maybe 4 if I push it (and of course there will be the occasional week-end 8 hour marathon run), these courses could as a next step be provided as open lectures without time limitation?

Comment Re:Bing vs. Google (Score 1) 385

Even Better...
I in many searches can find what I need from google's brief content summary, like e.g. phone numbers, exchange rates, in rare cases calculator results, etc...
Which would make this research completely useless, if you find what you need on the search page, why click to go into the website...

Comment Re:why, standards, of course (Score 1) 221

Yes because you can always include something like

Dear valued customer, we regret that the browser you are using does not adhere to web standards and is not capable of handling all the great things this website has to offer, May we advise you to download a browser instead of an explorer. Any choice will do really as it seems that only Microsoft is incompetent enough to adhere to world wide web standards. we suggest a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. This will not only greatly improve your internet experience but will also protect you against allot of Virus & Malware treats. We hope to see you again soon with a browser of your choice.
if you continue browsing on this page with your current browser you may experience incorrect page behaviour.

maybe leave some of the anti microsoft speak out of it but you get the pickture

Comment Re:Being positive here... apk (Score 1) 303

it was AGAIN penetrated with an allegedly similar attack.

This is not true, The secondary attack was just resetting passwords from users that did not reset their password yet, made possible by the data stolen (email & date of birth) from PSN hack earlier. I saw this comming the second I read sony would force every user to change their password on first logon.

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