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Comment Re:DAB is awesome (Score 1) 303

Looking at Norway, unless they plaster the country with transmitters, there's no way they can arrange proper coverage for DAB+.

DAB coverage in Norway is about as good as FM coverage. There are gaps in both networks, but not necessarily in the same places. So for every person that says “DAB sucks because I can't get a signal at my favorite fishing spot”, there's another that says “FM sucks because I can't get a signal at my favorite fishing spot on the other side of the same hill”.

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 303

Ah, "social democracy". Where they do what's "best for you", not what you want.

As opposed to the US, where government does neither what you want nor what is best for you, but whatever the highest bidder pays them to do?

The negative public opinion of DAB in Norway is the result of a massive anti-DAB propaganda campaign orchestrated by a single man, Per Morten Hoff, who heads an ICT lobbying group. I don't know for sure what his motivation is. Perhaps he sees DAB as a competitor to streaming over the cellular network, which would benefit some of his constituents. Then again, Norway's larges cellular provider (Telenor) also owns and operates a significant portion of the national radio broadcasting network, and is a strong proponent of DAB.

Note that Norwegian radio stations—at least the ones I listen to—are in favor of DAB.

Comment Re:Ah, I was wondering when it would begin (Score 1) 183

Also, "Anonymous," often threatens to to DDoS someone (as if that really is effective) because it sounds cool.

Remember Operation Blackout, when “Anonymous” was going to take down the DNS root servers? All they did was show the world that they have no idea how DNS works.

Comment Re:Use lots of non-standard characters with accent (Score 2) 637

Don't use accented characters, or anything outside ASCII. You don't know how they will be encoded and transmitted.

(And don't say “UTF-8”, because a *shitload* of software still doesn't handle character encodings correctly. You can rely on your browser to do so, and maybe on the site's HTTP server, but you have no idea what sort of yahoo wrote the backend.)

Comment Re:Change in operations instead of cash.... (Score 1) 246

No... CDs are an industry standard format, which the consumer experience shows can be used with any devices, so selling a CD that cannot be played in a CD player would be deceptive marketing.

There are DRM solutions for audio CDs that are supposed to make the them unrippable or even unplayable in a computer's CD drive (one method is to make a multi-session disc with an audio session and a data session, under the assumption that a PC will ignore the audio session if a data session is present while a regular CD player will ignore the data session). In my experience, these CDs will play fine in a PC (and iTunes can rip them without issue), but many car stereos struggle with them.

Comment Re:Change in operations instead of cash.... (Score 1) 246

That's a bad analogy. Auto parts, by and large, have always been proprietary.

Car parts aren't proprietary. You can second-source most mechanical and electrical parts, and it is not uncommon for larger assemblies (suspensions, transmissions, even engines) to be interchangeable between models from competing manufacturers because they were either developed jointly or sourced from the same third party.

Comment Re:OT: Vladimir Lenin - a murderer like all Commie (Score 2) 246

[...] The US too had a Civil War — 50 years before Russia. There was plenty of killing, some of it unwarranted, but there were no mass-murders. That, in my not so humble opinion, is because we are (or were) an Individualist country. On contrast [sic], 70 years before our Civil War here, France too had its own — being a Collectivist society, they had an awful lot of mass-executions. [...]

The American Civil War was, for all practical purposes, a conventional war between two nation states. The French Revolution was not; it was not even a civil war (unless you count the revolt in Vendée where loyalists attacked republican forces with material support from the United Kingdom). The mass executions of the Reign of Terror were political purges, pure and simple. Meanwhile, your “individualist country” is responsible for the enslavement, internment and mass murder of millions of its own (abducted) citizens on its own (stolen) territory, and the political faction which you seem to support is doing its damned best to continue the tradition, so shut the fuck up.

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