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Comment Bloomberg's NY is the future (Score 3, Interesting) 541

Let it continue to slide and Bloombergian New York will be the future American Police State.
Stop n Frisk
Police intimidation
Soda Bans
Smoking Bans
TransFat Bans

What is the old cliche... if you are not free to make a bad decision, you are not free at all. We need to stop looking to our elected leaders for solutions and start pushing them to set only minimum standards and allow us to find solutions for ourselves. Otherwise we will be laying down and inviting the boot to step on us

Comment Rasbery Pi and a XJA250 (Score 1) 339

Setting aside the impractical nature of this setup, If given the task, I would likely build from scratch modifying a Rasberry Pi in a small case glued/bolted onto a Casio XJ-A250 DLP Projector with a small wireless keyboard and travel mouse..
Same projector/mouse/keyboard with a MACMini

Not a good solution IMO for travel, but if you need to toss up presentations on the fly, this could be a nice integrated system

Comment Cuts both ways (Score 2, Insightful) 396

What we seem to be missing is that we have 2 senators defining digital data in the same terms as personal possessions and papers. Using THIS argument as a starting point, I can see a good opening for the EFF and ACLU to step in and require like protections on Digital data from Government search and seizure.

The Constitution protects your possessions and papers from unreasonable search and seizure, however, megaupload and a dozen other events have shown that Law enforcement sees Digital data as something "else"

Based on this, we know at least 2 Senators making the argument that they are the same. Digital Data should be protected at the same standard as a person's papers. Warrants required for any search. It is time we de-romanticize the digital world.

Comment Re:Isn't this going to get expensive? (Score 1) 421

Schools have blanket bans on firearms even though not all fire-arm use is criminal.....
I am a supporter of file-sharing, Net neutrality and content ignorant ISPs.
I am also a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights
I just wanted to point out how such wide-open measures HAVE been applied in the name of a few criminals

Comment Done it Loved it, Can't recommend it (Score 1) 606

I worked for a DOD Contractor that did this for about 500+ users for a few years. What you save in upfront per-machine cost, you will pay back with extra in manpower and frustrated users. Keep the Dell Contract, negotiate for discounts based on your size and the fact that you "have a workable alternative"

Think of this, 1000+ Machines will need in-house IT to manage. You WILL have at least 5 on the bench at any given time. Just accept that. You will have to employ someone at each site to manage those machines, staff who will be idle at some of that time.

With vendor PCs and Onsite contracts, you will STILL have 5 on the Bench. But it's not YOUR Bench and the user community will join you in commiserating about the vendor rather than complain about you, at the same time, you will NOT be paying for staff to manage all those machines, you will simply call the vendor and have them come to the site as per contract.
No muss no fuss.

As a tech, 1000+ hand built machines with full control was absolutely awesome!
From a management standpoint, it doesn't make sense.
Growing up sucks

Comment Re:The circle of (virtual) life (Score 2, Insightful) 495

Not a circle, so much as a downward spiral for PC Games... Each revolution lower than the previous. Look at the shelf-space devoted to PC games now in Gamestop or EBGames and compare it to the entire floorspace that was once devoted to them in the age of Babbages and Software Etc. That is a ration that has been in steady decline regardless of the age of the Console generation.
Maybe Digital Delivery is making a dent too. I hope so. I would like to see the EBX line of shops go away. With the availability of drive space and broadband, there should soon be no need for physical media sale for any media (Why I don't own a Blue Ray player)
Steam is the light.

Comment Talk Back (Score 5, Informative) 571

Criminal Division
1701 Farnam Street
Hall of Justice, Suite # 100
Omaha, NE 68183
(402) 444-7040

In situations like this, public outcry and shame against those who infringe on freedom is a useful tool. Shame is underutilized as a form of social change. We should change that and complain to anyone connected with this charge. Loudly. So rather than posting here impotently, Call the Douglas County Attorney's office and state that this charge is an assault freedom

Comment Re:Fools. (Score 0, Troll) 572

Wow, I haven't seen a argument in favor of an Authoritarian Communist regime like this one in a long time. Class warfare, vilifying of those who succeed, reasoning to justify Oligarchical control, its all in that post!
  The "drones" are the enemy - translates to "the common people are too stupid to run their own affairs and must be controlled by an authoritarian benevolent leadership
The "Super Rich Enemies of Humanity" - Classic Communist propaganda line used to justify the assault on successful capitalists and then the redistribution of their wealth by force

Humanity tried that approach coastwalker, it failed. The result was millions dead and liberty denied for Half a Century.

This is a scientific argument, lets leave the class warfare debates of the early 20th century out of this.

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