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Submission + - That much for Gorilla Glass, along comes Godzilla ( 1

D4C5CE writes: Technology Review reports on Caltech and Berkeley scientists' development of an unobtainium come true: "Glass, Jim, but not as we know it" — almost unbreakable yet barely affordable for using palladium as a key ingredient. Therefore the first applications are expected to be small enough to crown ... neither your house nor your next iPhone, but probably your teeth for a lifetime.

Submission + - Plastic Logic makes paper a page of history eBooks

D4C5CE writes: Plastic Logic, elected "gods" of the DEMOfall 08 conference today, are coming to market with an ultra-flat, PDF-compatible giant touchscreen E Ink reader based on plastic rather than silicon electronics, with production ramping up from next week to dethrone the Kindle by Q2/2009. If you enjoyed the latest Esquire you will probably love this.

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