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Comment Re:No complaints here (Score 1) 362

two, even if the US stops funding something others are not banned from funding it are they? Let those who believe put their money where their mouth is.

No, but lets not allow politicians who refuse to take scientific experts seriously --mostly because they receive donations from oil companies that lobby to them -- remove us from the front line of Global Warming research. The various branches of the US military, along with NASA (you know.. the people smart enough to send rockets and satellites to the moon and other planets..), undoubtedly believe that Global Warming is real, and that's because their scientists have found the evidence showing it's real.

Taking us out of Global Warming research would severely cripple the effectiveness of said research.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 362

Last year, everyone talking about the seven year long drought in California. This was due to global warming. Now with even more global warming, California has dams at record levels and one of the largest snow packs on record.

Just because a giant storm system finally hit the upper-west coast doesn't discount global warming. The drought is still in effect for the bottom half of California:

Your argument is invalid.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 0) 362

They civily ask for unmodified data and evidence so that they may apply the scientific method.

You're kidding me, right? They see unmodified data and evidence and still call it fake/inaccurate while screaming about some hidden liberal agenda that tens of thousands of scientists are all in on.

Give me a break, dude.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 524

Whatever you want to tell yourself, buddy. All ex-presidents get about $200k/yr salary and get a small detail of secret service, hardly a drop in the bucket compared to active Presidents. Obama, himself, has already made money from the several book deals that he's done in the past, so he's most likely spending his own money on the vacations he's taking. But nice try, though.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 524

Again, you're being obtuse with your flawed perspective of how government budgets work. HHS takes a proportionate amount of their budget and hands that to the Admin. for Community Living, they then take that and split it up into different programs. If you take out nearly 1/5th of HHS's budget the proportionate amount that ACL gets will be smaller.

I'm sure there are some areas of ACL's budget that have a lower priority than others, but EVERY service they fund will be reduced across the board, big or small, and the home-delivered nutritional services is one of the bigger pieces of the pie, so it will likely suffer a bigger loss than other services.

It's not as simple as you'd like it to be, plainly put.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 524

How is "HHS provides through one of it's agencies $227 Million to "home-delivered nutrition services."(e.g. Meals on Wheels)" not directly funding said program?

Trump's budget proposal would certainly affect Meals on Wheels, as the money they receive would most certainly be affected by the proposed budget cut that HHS would receive. To think that it would go untouched with a 16% department-wide budget cut would be disingenuous.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 524

Didn't call it out; simply didn't read the article, as he missed this part:

The majority of Meals on Wheels programs get most of their federal funding through the Administration for Community Living, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services that serves the elderly and disabled. That agency has a $227 million line-item for "home-delivered nutrition services."

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 524

So even by your own link the maximum amount possibly impacted by the block grant cuts is $33 million nationally and that's only if every single dollar was actually going to Meals on Wheels.

That's what HUD provides.

HHS, through one of their agencies, earmarked $227 million specifically for "home-delivered nutrition services"

HHS is facing a budget cut of 16%. A part of that cut will most certainly come out of the Administration for Community Living, who administers the "home-delivered nutrition services."

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 2) 524

To be fair it only receives federal grant money in some States and even in those States it's not actually that much of their income.

Every meals on wheels affiliate receives a mix of local, state, and federal funding along with donations. It's not just 'some States.'

"The majority of Meals on Wheels programs get most of their federal funding through the Administration for Community Living, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services that serves the elderly and disabled. That agency has a $227 million line-item for "home-delivered nutrition services.""

HUD also provides some federal dollars to States that end up being provided to Meals on Wheels affiliates, but not nearly as much as HHS.

In a few cases they use a pittance of that transfer to help fund good programs like Meals but the vast majority of it goes to simple local pork projects.

I would have to ask for some sort of proof to back up your claim, as it seems that the federal dollars from HHS goes specifically to health programs for the elderly.

Possibly the federal dollars that HUD passes out to States gets blown off on local pork, but that's a small fraction compared to what HHS doles out, as previously mentioned.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 524

"The impact is likely to vary from place to place. Every Meals on Wheels affiliate gets money from a different mix of state, local and federal government funds, along with individual donations and philanthropic organizations."

Sure, they may not be earmarked, but HHS funnels federal dollars for the programs through various agencies. HHS has a proposed budget cut of 16%, which will surely affect the federal funding provided for such programs.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 5, Insightful) 524

You have no clue as to how much his almost-every-weekend visit to FL costs us as taxpayers and to the local community in which Mar-a-Lago is located.

In one month, it's predicted that he spent $10 million for his trips to Mar-a-Lago. He's done that for the last 2 months now, so he's probably close to $18-$20 million already. Obama spent $97 million over 8 years.

Don't forget to tally the near $1 million price tag that Palm Beach County has already had to spend of their own money for the extra police staffing and overtime while Trump is at Mar-a-Lago.

Lets also consider the taxpayers cost for Secret Service to shuttle the Trump family around on constant vacations, and Melania's insistence of staying in New York, which itself costs a substantial amount of money for security on a daily basis.

You can be upset at welfare families all you want but your Emperor is consuming vast amounts of tax payer money simply for playing golf, and will be surpassing what Obama spent in a matter of months.

But please... don't let these facts remove you from your precious bubble of ignorance.

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