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Comment 48KB RAM + 16KB extended, two floppy disk drives, (Score 1) 857

An Apple II clone with a tape drive - it was called Pravets 82 (8c) also known as Pravetz 82 (IMKO-2) It has a BASIC interpreter, RAM/ROM - 48/12 KB; CPU Synertek 6502 /1 MHz. The ROM and schematics were practically not changed and were identical to Apple 2's. A lot of the chips used were in fact Bulgarian and Soviet substitutes (clones) of the original chips, perhaps reverse engineered.

Comment Premium for Europe premium in the USA (Score 1) 312

I hate it when i find an article that lists "10 cool netflix titles for your sunday night" and then i find only 2 of them in the EU version of Netflix.
What's up wit that? I use only 1 TV and i pay premium for 4 accounts (3 of which i don't use), and i still recieve a crappier service than if I was in the states.
I do however have super fast internet when compared to the US of A and local torrent sites like zamundanet and arenabgcom and global DHT seeding usually have literally ANY movie inside, even the stuff that is in the theaters nowadays (with Korean embedded subs though) - but i am too lazy to torrent after "entering the netflix and amazon prime era", even-though i have PLEX
I kind of prefer to be a part of the paid eco system and not be a "pirate".
So i would gladly pay premium for a beter service and to be able to find more movies but i am forced to search in external sites because netflix in Europe is different than the real US Netflix and the price is the same

Comment storage space for screenshots / cloud? (Score 1) 85

Woolim also constantly keeps tabs on what its users are up to. Whenever a user opens an app, the tablet takes a screenshot. These screenshots are then available for viewing in another app, but they can’t be deleted.
So this would suggest that the self-filling of the storage with screenshots is inevitable. Sort of like a disposable tablet then? Whenever it fills up with screenshots you submit it for analysis and they give you a new one, lol?

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