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Journal Czarina Burrito's Journal: I've never been one of those women. 2

You know, the ones who have been planning their weddings since they were five years old. Honestly, ever since I found out what a wedding is (and I quote the 8-year old me at my sister's wedding: "Ew! You have to kiss in front of everybody?!* I'm never getting married!"), I've been trying to figure out how best to not have one.

But then I found out that the Science Museum has banquet facilities**, thanks to janeowit. What better reason for a party is there?!*** I would finally have an excuse to inflict pocket periodic tables upon everybody! It would be fabulous.

[*] I'm still not doing it.

[**] Of course you are bound to use their caterer, which happens to be the same one that sells hot dogs out of a cart at the Zoo.

[***] Except possibly to be rich enough to afford a party at the Guthrie, which would happening approximately never and periodic tables would just seem out of place.

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I've never been one of those women.

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  • I don't see anything wrong with a little education along with a lifetime commitment... ...of course, one might consider learning a little bit a commitment all its own. :\

    Marriage isn't for everybody. There's nothing wrong in deciding not to do it.
    • Nothing at all is wrong with that. There are a lot of legal issues that marriage makes easier than the mass of equivalent forms that you would have to fill out. I still feel guilty that the marriage license specifies "One man and One woman." It's just wrong. Everybody should have the option for legal simplicty and partner benefits. :^( That's really my biggest issue with marriage, though it really has nothing to do with your comment. :^/

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