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Comment Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

There is a valid point in here somewhere. The reason The Pirate Bay is popular is because it "hosts" a lot of copyrighted material. If this was a pool for freeware it would not be as popular, and thus alot harder to actually keep (financially) up. So in a way, even though I don't like it, I can see how the verdict makes sense.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 425

Except that is not at all what he's saying.

as almost every other console, ps3 are sold at a loss. maybe the ps3 as ecosystem has made a lot of money to sony, but only when factoring in the extra pricey developer kit, game signature fees, and royalty on each game sale.

Game consoles today are selling at a loss BECAUSE the margin per sold game/peripheral is enough to keep them afloat. Technically it makes sense too. Put more money into developing a solid platform and let the content bring in the money for a longer time than if the platform would be lesser than it is.

Comment Re:Politics of health care (Score 1) 1064

1) Only go to doctors that will act like they are 100 percent sure they know what is going on and what is the best treatment for you, whether or not they have any doubts.

I do respect the fact that doctors can't be 100% certain of things, but prescribing medicines that they know might not work sounds like VERY risky business, irregardless whether the side effects are generally safe.

What I'm against isn't imperfect doctors, it's giving away meds that even they are not sure if they work.

Comment Re:Politics of health care (Score 1) 1064

As you could guess, my thoughts were 2 and 3. But you, likely, know quite a few people, who would think 1 — and, maybe, 2 as well, but angrily.

I don't know about you, but I go to doctor's because they know alot more about something I need than I do myself. If a doctor told me to buy some prescription drug to "see if it helps", I would get pretty pissed and look at switching doctors. I'm not beyond reporting them either, depending on the situation. I have a very healthy respect for doctors, but pawning medicine that _might/maybe/possibly_ helps is just moronic. I can do that without the help of a doctor. Your reasoning is odd in three ways;

1. You're clearly very anti-government provided healthcare, so mixing comments like

Nobody is happy and we may end up with something worse (like government-provided health care), just because it will be different ("Change" is good, right?).


Crap, this is an outrage! When are we going to have free health care â" and free medicines? Maybe, Obama will deliver on this.

just makes you look like a sore loser.

2. Assuming that a drug doesn't work because you took half the dose will probably lead the doctor to say: "It didn't work because you took half the dose, duh."

3. Assuming that a drug is good because it is sold.

As you could guess, I'm not convinced.


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I hope those aren't their names.

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