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Submission + - Gawker Redesign Kills Traffic ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: The latest data from sitemeter,com is showing what everyone already knew, the Gawker redesign has taken their advertisement driven empire and, in a very rapid manor, crushed its traffic into a shadow of its former self.

Submission + - Attacked By Anonymous, HBGary Pulls Out of RSA (

itwbennett writes: HBGary Federal cancelled a talk the company's CEO Aaron Barr was planning to give at the BSides San Francisco conference on his investigation of WikiLeaks. 'I was receiving death threats,' Barr said in an interview Tuesday. 'There was lots of talk that was being made of in the Anonymous IRC channels of harassing us at our booth and sending people to heckle [HBGary speakers at the conference].' The company has also decided to pull its booth from the RSA Conference floor after it was vandalized on Sunday, said Jim Butterworth, HBGary's vice president of services. 'We... came back the next morning and it was very apparent that the group responsible for the activities in the news had decided to make another statement,' he said.

Comment Re:For those who like this sort of thing, this is (Score 1) 286

I used to work for TiVo, and while most of the company is very serious about taking care of existing customers and improving the TiVo device and service, its the big decision makers that are the problem. It isn't the current subscriber that they care about, but the potential one. In the eyes of a few execs at TiVo, losing "a few petulant customers" is perfectly acceptable if it means they can lure in a handful of new customers. The problem is, those "few petulant customers" usually ends up being a pretty big group, and TiVo isn't able to bring in enough new customers to make up for those lost. Not only that, but TiVo is more interested in *cooperating* with everyone, and refuses to realize that the companies they are playing nice with are the *competition*, and those companies are NOT playing nice with TiVo. But look at TiVo's earnings reports. The only quarter they have ever been in the black was the quarter they won that lawsuit against Dish Network--every other quarter in 10 years has been as red as it gets.

Comment Re:Privacy? (Score 1) 336

I'm not convinced *cheating* is the actual problem here.

I personally enjoy playing *legitimately* most of the time. But sometimes, I just want to break out the aimbot and trash my friends. Really, the problem isn't necessarily cheating, but rather time and place.

If [Insert Company Here] wants to maximize anti-cheating efforts, then there needs to be a dedicated area for "cheats allowed", and a dedicated "No Cheats" area. This enables those who wish to use cheats the ability to use those cheats, and enjoy the game as they desire it while not negatively impacting those who wish to play legitimately.

Comment Re:That's an easy one. (Score 1) 195

I really hope that Intel isn't gone. I don't like their stuff right now, but I hope to see innovation from them create more competition in the CPU market (server and PC). Competition = lower prices + better stuff. If Intel and AMD fight each other hard enough, the market will advance WAY beyond what it would have otherwise, and prices will be more acceptable to boot.

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