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Comment None (Score 1) 383

I wouldn't bring any of them back. The only services from Google that I really use are Gmail, Maps and the search engine (includes image search).

The thing is: Google is a bit too large imho. Them killing off a product that lots of people used just creates more room on that market, or perhaps it creates a new one altogether. Now, Google Reader competitors don't have to compete with Google Reader anymore, only among each other. Now, other people may be succesful. This idea sounds good to me.

I don't hope that Google ditches all these projects so much, don't get me wrong. I just think there's a nice upside to all of this. :)

Comment Re:a bug? (Score 1) 401

If it is, imagine being the developer responsible for it. That's gonna be awkward, when your boss tells you that your screwup cost over half a billion.

I can't imagine this being a bug, either. It would mean they didn't test it at all, which I don't think Microsoft would do. But if it was intentional, somebody in Microsoft decided to do this and THEY are responsible.

Comment Re:Australia (Score 1) 362

Here, in the Netherlands, they do the same thing. It's not always called high fructose corn sirup (most commonly it's glucose/fructose sirup) so you want to know the various labels for this if you prefer actual sugar.

That said, I rely on import to get any Mt. Dew at all; I wish Pepsi would do something about that. It's not quite rare, thankfully, but still -- Pepsi isn't uncommon here.
I've also seen Mt. Dew that didn't have HFCS for a sweetener, but those are made in Europe somewhere, I believe. Maybe Spain, I'm really not sure about this. I haven't had a bloody Mt. Dew in a while so I'm not quite too sharp.

Comment I've felt like this for years, too (Score 5, Insightful) 425

Ah, I agree so much. I had my fair share of legos when I was a child and the building blocks were nice and generic. Nowadays, all the pieces are molded to shape whatever you're supposed to make much better, resulting in a nicer looking whatever-it-is-you-were-making, but taking it apart, I wonder if there's much of a point in trying to make something else out of it, even beside the alternatives listed on the back of the box.
I'm glad I kept most of my legos for when my son's old enough for them. Other than that it looks like I'm stuck remembering the old days fondly.

Comment Re:boring (Score 1) 326

It's grammatically incorrect, which is why you can't translate it. If it were spelled correctly ("onbekommerd"), something like Google translate can actually translate it.

It means "unconcerned".

I'm not sure if "If you read Dutch well, you're now [...] annoyed" refers to the grammar mistake, or the meaning of the saying. ;)

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 81

But the "we" you're talking about should understand it or you would likely be the person that runs Ubuntu or something, but not Slackware (or a BSD, or Debian). The target audience of Slackware is the kind to understand man pages so well, I'd think...

I'm fairly happy 14 is almost out. I've been wanting to run it in a vm in Virtualbox, but the installer of 13.37 won't boot due to a kernel panic. I'm hoping that this changes when 14 comes out. :)

Comment Hah, I do! (Score 1) 665

I do have a love/hate relationship with Firefox. It was only recently that it became too much for me, and I switched to Chrome (well, that is a pilot). See, I like using Firefox. I like many many things about Firefox.

Alas, after reaching a certain amount of MB's of RAM (or GB's, rather), it becomes unusable. It'll hang for maybe 3 seconds on each tab no matter where I click. If I'm especially unlucky that day, it'll actually crash. Usually though, it doesn't, because I feel myself forced to restart it. The reason I abandoned it that day is because it completely forgot my app tabs AGAIN for absolutely not reason at all and that was after I had to kill the process because the whole thing wouldn't respond anymore. That pissed me off enough to say my goodbyes.

I wouldn't have stuck with Chrome as long as I have (a few weeks now) were it not for the fact that it is always snappy, it loads the exact same pages much faster than Firefox does and... well it just never really seems to slow down. Not just loading pages, but switching tabs and such: the interface is MUCH MUCH faster. It's by no means perfect: I think the options "page" is a usability nightmare (come on, everything on ONE page?) and I do have to get used to it but it's not the biggest transition in the world. I'm also not sure if I trust Google so maybe I should install SRWare Iron instead.

Anyway, I'll probably try it again in a few releases.

Comment Re:Questions (Score 1) 171

The first link in the article above should point to a different version of this emulator, which actually did include gcc and a small hello world program. I remember playing with that shortly and being hugely impressed by the fact that works really, really well. :)
This whole emulator is massively impressive imo. :)

Comment Re:Ubuntu + VMWare Player (Score 1) 622

I'm sure you really dislike Windows, even though you don't specify why.

I like Windows. I run Windows 7 on my work laptop. It doesn't really get in my way, other than those ridiculous Windows updates that force a reboot if you don't notice the window that says it's going to reboot after 15 minutes (like when you're trying to frag your coworkers in UT).

But I like many Linux-based operating systems more. I'm a huge fan of Slackware and a bit of a fan of Ubuntu (I liked Ubuntu much better years ago than I do now, after too many problems with fresh installs of the latest version of the OS). It's fine to prefer a Linux or BSD OS, or MacOS X, and not hate Windows at the same time. It's actually fine! Really! :)

I think we should be mature enough to have no issues with Windows just because you like something else better. This world doesn't have to be so black and white. Enjoy the colors!

Hardware Hacking

All-Analog DIY Segway Project 141

An anonymous reader writes "One of the zany hacker-makers here at MIT just finished this DIY Segway project (video). Difference from the others: it's all analog. The controller is built without a microprocessor or even digital logic. It does use a gyroscope like the real Segway. The functionality looks fairly basic, but the fact that the controller works at all is amazing. The guy has a ton of other projects on his site too. Definitely worth a read for people who enjoy building things."

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