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Comment They need a better language (Score 1) 331

tasks = ['canning', 'processing', 'preserving', 'freezing', 'drying', 'marketing', 'storing', 'packing for shipment', 'distributing']
products = ['agricultural produce', 'meat and fish products', 'perishable foods']
overtime_exceptions = ['{} {}'.format(t, p) for t in tasks for p in products]

Comment AD: New Startup Looking for Venture Capital (Score 1) 80

Hey everyone, I have a new startup and I'm looking to get funded. We're going to provide smartphone recovery services based on chemical signature. Just register your unique chemical signature, and if your phone ever gets lost, we'll find it for you. All your information will be protected with military-grade encryption. Join us and help change the world by making it a better place!

* First round of funding has already been started by In-Q-Tel.

Comment Here's how to disable Windows 10 prompts/upgrades (Score 1) 500

For those that haven't seen it, take a look at Never 10. It's a simple utility that disables GWX (Get Windows 10) by doing the registry / group policy editing for you. You just run it once; you don't need to install anything or keep it running in the background.

No prompts, no upgrades, and no Windows 10 installation files taking up space on your drive.

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