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Comment Re:I was going to make a "Library of Congress" jok (Score 1) 127

Boy, this will REALLY piss off the those entertainment fat cats...

They got upset because transferring a portion of their catalog no longer had a "cost" associated with it. What are they gonna do when transferring their entire catalog no longer even has a time-cost associated with it?

Comment Re:So they should (Score 1) 507

Confirming this. In my experience, most jailbreakers do it to run "illicit" apps, rather than to "pirate" legitimate ones. You want to run an emulator? You want to customize your phone in a non apple-approved way? you want to run an X rated app? Jailbreak. Note that I have seen jail broken phones doing all of those things, and in most cases, the apps were all paid for.

If apple allowed an open market, or, at most, did some basic sanity checks (to filter out malicious or incompetent apps that can cause harm), there would not be a jailbreaking problem.

Comment Dominant force doesn't matter. Early adopter does. (Score 2, Insightful) 370

The adoption of a new technology is generally not driven by those who dominate once it is widespread. It tends to be driven by early adopters, who are willing to spend the money to try out a new technology. They either prove it, or they have tons of problems. As soon as somebody proves a technology is viable, a business shmuck at some large company can make a successful pitch that "This is the future, etc, etc...and it's already proven technology so the company doesn't have to worry about hiccups, etc, etc".

That is why Porn killed Betamax. Not because Porn represents a large market share, but because Porn was willing to be an early adopter of VHS. They proved that video sales and rental via VHS was viable. Once that happened, the major video players we unwilling to take a bet on Betamax, no matter how superior it was, because they looked at the Porn industry and saw that VHS was already in use, and therefore, the business plan and technical hurdles were done for them, guaranteed.

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