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The Internet

Submission + - Why We Dumped GoDaddy ( 3

Velcroman1 writes: On the eve of what has been dubbed “Dump Go Daddy Day,” — the massive image hosting sites is responsible for an astonishing 28 terabytes of bandwidth and nearly 200 million page views per day — has already changed its registry entries, foreshadowing the potential negative effect of a boycott set to begin Thursday morning. originally supported the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) — RackSpace called it "a deeply flawed piece of legislation" that will hinder free speech and infringe on first amendment rights — but quickly recanted its position when the call of a boycott circulated. “The outcry kind of forced our hand,” imgur founder and owner Alan Schaaf said. “I’m against the SOPA act and imgur as a company is against it. We just feel it is terrible that would support this legislation.”

Comment Kills the infected cell... (Score 1) 414

I don't know about cell infection rates of viruses but I worry about a drug that can kill off your own cells.
For instance: a virus(or multiple viruses) has infected 50% of you cells. Your cells continue to work normally for the most part(after all viruses use the normal cell operations to replicate). Then you take DRACO, your infected cells die within 24hrs. Again 50% infected cell is likely high(?). Do you think that you would feel an effect if 20% were infected? 10%?

As far as the detection of the viruses. They use a method of causing the cell to die when it detects long dsRNA(don't know what the ds stands for, wasn't covered in my high school science class) with strands >30 base pairs(They note that mammal cells generally don't produce dsRNA strands longer than 21~23 base pairs). So since viruses which contain only RNA get killed(along with the cell they infect). Though this leads to the possibility of viruses that have shorter RNA strands appearing(maybe?) or viruses that generate a blocking mechanism that prevents the collapse of the cell.

Comment Re:Better security: Give users an admin account to (Score 1) 145

But what are the chances that the user uses the exact same username/password for both the admin account and regular account? I would say the odds are pretty high.

The world is not as security minded as the average /. reader.

Facebook would also have the problem of the majority of their users complaining about needing two passwords for a single account or having to login with different accounts/passwords to get to certain functionality.

Comment Reliablity vs Cost vs Scalablity (Score 1) 483

This falls into the realm of the problem: "I want it to be reliable, scalable, and be cheap."

You really only get to choose at most 2 out of the three.(there is the possibility that it could have none of the above)

  • Primary source: power grid
  • Secondary source: solar power/battery (battery can recharge off of solar power or power grid when possible)


Unfortunately I'm not familiar with how humidity affects radar. But one option is to do is include humidity readings with the violation. Then do a large amount of testing at various speed/humidity to produce a error margin look-up for a given humidity. (this may result in the minor offenders to escape the fines(speed is within the error margin of speed limit), but you will get the major offenders)


Well unless the source code for the system(s) that you purchase is open source you can't prove it one way or the other. Only other choice is to buy it from a reputable vendor.

Comment Re:This is good. (Score 1) 490

I'm all for a stable energy source but there are several issues with nuclear facilities:
1. People tend to live on the coasts, & people tend to disapprove of any nuclear plants near their homes.(note I lived near( 2. Various security agencies see nuclear facilities as potential targets. (plane + nuclear plant = Chernobyl)
3. You need to store the spent fuel somewhere; no one wants to live near a nuclear dump. Even if it is out in the middle of nowhere you still have to transport the fuel there (through citys? on major highways?)

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