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Comment Re:Incorrect Title is Incorrect (Score 1) 634

Thank-you for pointing this out. I work for NHS Scotland and it is a total bugbear of mine that most national news sources assume NHS = UK wide. All four devolved nations have different healthcare priorities and different means of achieving these. For all the bad things said about the SNP, they are the only true social democratic party at the moment and given they have a majority in a parliament specifically designed to make a majority nigh-on-impossible, must be doing something right. They have specifically stated that there will be no private outsourcing of the NHS in Scotland.

Comment Re:Striesand effect less important than UK Libel l (Score 5, Informative) 105

you fat bastard

You'll be hearing from my lawyer who specializes in UK libel law.

There's no such thing as "UK law"; there's different (but similar) systems in England and Wales and Northern Ireland (both common law jurisdictions). Scotland has a mixed civil/common law system and its own institutions and methods.

Comment Re:slashdot title also written by a moron (Score 1) 377

Not really true as it depends on where you live. Sinusitis is caused by the same respiratory tract pathogens that cause other respiratory tract infections, such as pneumonia, although the majority are viral and self-limiting. Most microbiology labs know the relative rates of infection with specific organisms and the levels of resistance to various antibiotics. Hence, where I work, the common organisms are H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae and M. catarrhalis, for which over 80% are sensitive to amoxicillin or doxycycline. Adding in a bit of beta-lactamase inhibition with co-amoxiclav doesn't really help. My opinion, for simple acute sinusitis, is that there's no benefit in antibiotics. They may shorten the duration of illness, but at the risk of antibiotic side-effects, which are more common than people think. This is backed up by Cochrane. Don't you just love Evidence Based Medicine!

Comment Re:Exon Skipping? (Score 5, Informative) 264

CF is caused by defects in the CFTR protein, an ion channel on the surface of many cells, including the cells that line the respiratory tract. Basically, it creates an osmotic potential by moving chloride and other ions from the cell to the outside, so water flows out of the cell into the mucous in the airways, making it less viscous. I'm an anaesthetist, not a respiratory physician, but as far as I understand, in the F508 mutation (most common ~70%), CFTR doesn't even make it onto the cell membrane. In the G551D mutation, CFTR reaches the cell membrane, but degrades more rapidly than normal. Ivacaftor acts to increase the length of time the faulty protein stays on the surface until it's degraded. Hence why it's of no benefit in the most common mutation.

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