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Comment What is the solution? Detect ... and deflect. (Score 1) 161

(Sorry, but don't recall where I got the following, but it wasn't that long ago.): Why care about asteroids possibly hitting the earth? The odds in your children's lifetime: "City-killer"-sized - 30% (Larger than the one which hit Russia in 1908.) (There are about a million near-earth asteroids out there about this size. We've located about 10,000 of them. "World War"-sized - 1% (The chance of your house burning down is less than 1% Do you buy insurance for that?). "End-of-us-all"-sized - .001% What is the solution? Detect ... and deflect. On Feb. 15, 2013 a small asteroid hit Siberia. It was about 50 feet in diameter. Explosive effect was about 30 X the force of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Comment Re:Flip A Coin (Score 2) 112

I just read Betty Medsger's "The Burglary," about the burglary of the Media, PA office of the FBI in 1971 by a group of people who named themselves the Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI. J. Edgar Hoover went apoplectic over it, but they never found the burglars. The documents stolen led to the revelation of COINTELPRO, among many other things. The book is also a primer on the history of 20th century surveillance by our government. A band of rabid communists isn't going to have millions or billions to spend undermining our democracy - such as it is - but the FBI and the NSA do. So, yeah, I wouldn't worry about those commies ... if there are any left.

Comment Efforts exist for dealing with this issue (Score 1) 272

See for info on an organization already addressing the issue of NEOs. Also, former astronaut, Rusty Schweickart, gave an excellent talk on this at the Long Now Foundation. I believe an .mp3 file of the talk can be downloaded for free from the Long Now website.

Comment Re:Silicon Valley is officially old (Score 1) 533

I completely agree with this. The Republicans and Libertarians profess to be really big on 'family' and 'family values'. But they're not: their families and their families' descendants are going to suffer big-time from the policies and practices which since the beginning of the Reagan administration they have been promoting. I think it's all going to be pretty ugly. There's much already that is pretty ugly.

Comment Where is the Reply button for the article? (Score 1) 237

Like someone who posted down the line here, I could not find a Reply button for the article itself, so I'm replying to the first shown reply. How did Anonymous Coward figure it out? He or she is better than I. Anyway, I have to add my voice to the anti-beta chorus. Please forget it. Don't try to re-do the site. Leave it as it is.

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