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Comment Re:Did anyone not see this as a dumb idea? (Score 1) 228

My Mazda 6 (2015 model) will not start unless the keyless remote is inside the car. I don't know exactly how this works, but it does work. I have tried setting the key on shelf only a foot from the car. It knows the key is nearby, but instead of starting, it flashes a red key icon.

Further, if the car is running and I get out of the car with the key in my pocket, the car beeps and the doors will not lock. And, if I shut off the car, but leave the key inside the car, the car beeps at me as I walk away. You'd have to be fairly oblivious to these warnings and actively circumvent them to lock yourself in/out of the car.

Comment Re:Replace Drones With Guns (Score 1) 410

You could ask the same question of the drone law. If you can't fly it, then why should you be allowed to buy it? But, as you say, you could just buy it elsewhere and then bring it to within 30 miles.

The point is that guns are responsible for way more carnage than personal drones will ever cause. But there is no political willpower to make any attempts to control guns. But these new-fangles drones!? They must be registered and banned, damnit!

[ Same reason dry counties are such a joke: Mammoth liquor stores open just outside the county line and are constantly doing a booming business. ]

Comment Two Things (Score 1) 131

1) Set your Garmin sampling frequency to 1-second. Always. The default of "auto-magically" or "as-needed" is not sufficient. Especially when doing a run or bike ride on a course with lots of turns or on a track.

2) If the over-estimation is fairly consistent, then what does it really matter to the average amateur? If a route that you regularly time is actually 5 miles and not really 5.15 miles, who cares? What matters is your time over that same distance. It's a like a scale that is low by 2 pounds. It doesn't matter; what matters is if you are trying to lose weight and the scale shows a decrease over time, then you are succeeding.

Comment Re:Authors Of Textbooks Are Not Getting Rich (Score 1) 363

No, not at all. Like I said "their salaries dwarf what they earn for publications." She earns a salary being a full professor. She writes books because it's something she loves. And also because publishing is important in academia.

I would add that the list of fiction authors that actually got rich from their books are few and far between.

Comment Authors Of Textbooks Are Not Getting Rich (Score 2) 363

I see many comments saying something along the lines of department chairs / professors "lining their pockets" by requiring books that they wrote.

While it very well may be an ego thing, it is definitely NOT a money thing. My wife has written many collegiate level textbooks and they are used at many different schools. She netted a whopping $600 in royalties for 2014. The authors are not getting rich on sales of textbooks. Their salaries dwarf what they earn for publications.

Next conspiracy theory ...

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 0) 381

And obesity is so common now that it clearly can't be some edge case.

Why is obesity "so common now" when it has never been so common in the past? Over-consumption of shit food like pop-tarts and Mt.Dew combined with excessive non-mobile time. You simply cannot consume calorie-dense food when the only exercise you get is walking from your car to your next long-term sitting location.

Have you ever looked at old-time photos from the 20s, 30s or 40s? Notice how almost no one is fat? Those few that were fat actually had a true metabolic or genetic reason for the condition.

Eat nutrient-dense foods, avoid calorie-dense foods and get your ass out and move around as much as you possibly can EVERY SINGLE DAY. You don't need to be a gym rat or run a marathon, you just need to move.

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