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Comment Re:Personal experience (Score 1) 88

I had exactly the opposite issue with BT back when broadband was relatively uncommon.

They set up everything, sent us all the hardware etc. but we couldn't get it to work. It took almost a month before we managed to get them to admit that they couldn't provide us with any service and we had to go back to least they didn't ask for the hardware back...

Move to present day, I'm back at my parents for the weekend and they can get broadband, but they're stuck with ~786kbs compared to the 14mb I get for the same price in a city.

Comment Re:Scared iPhone developer (Score 5, Informative) 315

You can specify the hardware and software requirements of your app in the manifest file and it will not show up in the market for devices which do not meet the requirements.

You can be incredibly specific. If you app requires an auto-focus camera then you can specify that and it will only show up for phones which have one.

Comment Creative have gone to crap... (Score 1) 385

and the have been heading there for a while now. Every "upgrade" I've ever bought has turned out to be a disappointment. Their drivers and firmware are crap, they have actually removed certain features from their Zen Vision:M series in the form of firmware "upgrades" (removing the ability to record from live radio is the first example that comes to mind) and the 2 players I've bought from them (a Zen Touch 20GB and Zen Vision:M 60GB) have both died within a year.

Lost the CD that comes with your Creative Player and want to reinstall Creative Media Explorer so you can start copying music to your player? Tough, you wont find it anywhere on their website, they don't offer it for download. (I even have the sneaking suspicion that while hunting for it I found them offering to ship it on CD for £8, although don't quote me on this being true or the price being anywhere near accurate).

I personally never plan on buying from them again, at least not until they pull their act together and start pushing updates that actually add features and drivers that work (Linux support would be lovely too, gnomad2 gets the job done but it's no where near perfect). I've always tried to avoid the iPod, but it's looking increasingly likely that my next mp3 player will be one.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - "Oops!" Those dumb mistakes we've all mad 9

theotherbastard writes: I've recently made the step up from Desktop Support to Systems Administration and in my first month on the job I made a change to a server that knocked one of our customer call centers offline for nearly 4 hours. It was the simple mistake of changing the duplex settings on 2 NIC's on 1 server. Needless to say I've learned my lesson on when and how to make even the smallest change to our sensitive systems. Another thing I've learned is that everyone on my team has a story about their first days supporting servers and the disastrous mistakes they've made. I'm curious what stories some fellow /.er's have.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Writing for Wikipedia has its Perks 1

There are many tasks on Wikipedia. Some people fact check. Some people control vandalism. Some people correct spelling and punctuation. The activity that I most enjoy is doing the research to write in-depth articles for Wikipedia. I like to find a musician, an actor, a politician, or a scientist that I am interested in learning more about and write their biography from scratch. Last week my wife and I went to a concert by one

United States

Submission + - Wikia busted purchasing FFXIClopedia for $200,000?

An anonymous reader writes: Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), Square-Enix's unique entry into the MMORPG
market, is not the most popular of the genre. Nonetheless, one of its
strengths lies in the broad community support that it inspires in its
fans. A number of unique metadata sites have sprung up around it,
including the groundbreaking FFXIAH ( Auction
House tracking service.

One of the newer entries to this list is FFXIclopedia
(, an FFXI wiki. As with most wikis, the
content was provided principally by the users and the community. So
what happens when businesses notice such a grass-roots niche market?
Apparently, the answer is: a cover-up of misspent fund-raiser moneys,
and a sale of the content to Wikia for USD $200,000 in cash and stock
options. Source:

Submission + - 22,000 names and SSNs stolen at the U. of Missouri

Ardeaem writes: "The University of Missouri is reporting that a security breach has allowed over 22,000 names and social security numbers to be stolen. It appears that an insecure application is to blame; used by the help desk to track issues, the application allowed the retrieval of names and SSNs. The "hacker" simply used the application to get the SSNs one by one. Of course, if the person's name is known, getting more information about them is possible through the school's directory, enabling the "hackers" to possibly compile a disturbing amount of information about each person. Why do organizations still use SSNs for identification, and can they be held liable for it? When will they learn?"

Submission + - Another DMCA Takedown Notice For Digg

ngottlieb writes: "Digg has received another DMCA takedown notice for a post containing a number used to decrypt a copyrighted poem. The hosting of the key violates the DMCA's "ban on trafficking in circumvention devices" in the same way the hosting of the AACS key violated it. Will comply with this takedown notice, or continue it's stand against the DMCA, supporting its users all the way?"
The Courts

Student, Denied Degree For MySpace Photo, Sues 823

gwoodrow writes "We've all heard the 'fired because of MySpace' stories, where a simple blog or picture gets someone canned. But now one of the targets is fighting back. (The offending picture in this case was a snap from Halloween 2005 of the student in a pirate outfit drinking from a cup.)" From the article: "Teacher in training Stacy Snyder was denied her education degree on the eve of graduation when Millersville University apparently found pictures on her MySpace page 'promoting underage drinking.' As a result, the 27-year-old mother of two had her teaching certificate withheld and was granted an English degree instead. In response, Snyder has filed a Federal lawsuit against the Pennsylvania university asking for her education diploma and certificate along with $75,000 in damages."

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