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Comment Re:I don't know what Slashdot thinks about her... (Score 2) 642

She's read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. (Which most of the commenters apparently haven't.)

The bigger point she's bringing up (clumsily or not) is that the Moon is uniquely valuable real estate and we really ought to keep that in mind as we address its impending exploration, explotation, and colonization.

Comment Re:Will lower their budget? Nope (Score 1) 483

By which time the people who made the decision will have used it's short-term side effects as proof of their "skill", and moved on to higher-paying jobs. Patterns like this occur again and again and again across the US, because our culture and laws are broken. The warpage is so entrenched that it won't change until the whole thing collapses.

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