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Comment I couldn't believe it... (Score 1) 289

... when I saw it. I had logged on earlier, seen the new format, and I, personally, loved the change! I was unable to peruse the site fully, so I decided to wait until tonight to give it a further look. I even e-mailed a friend about the new layout, in essence saying, "Hey, this is cool, come check it out!"

Then I come back on tonight, and found... it. After taking a few seconds to fully comprehend what happened. I loaded up Pine and sent a e-mail to Scoop, to tell him at least one person appreciated what he did. From reading the rest of the comments here on Slashdot, it seems that I wasn't the only one.

What about some of the people who didn't like it? Where are y'all? Would you like to give your reasons for disliking the new style, as well as what exactly you said to drive Scoop to this? Please, I'm sure a lot of us here would love to hear what you had to say...

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