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Multiply and conquer

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  • Have you seen the Worse Than Failure [worsethanfailure.com] web site? I'm thinking you need to forward that email to them (sans the embarrassing names).

    FWIW, on the NGW List, the topic of GroupWise on SAN has been mentioned a few times this week. It was pointed out that one of the SAN vendors (think "initials") is truly clueless when it comes to designing the SAN for GroupWise. However, if you hide from them that it is GW and tell them to configure for an I/O heavy database application, they don't do something stupid like put t

    • I don't know about this 'Worse Than Failure' nonsense, but it does seem like a good submission for the Daily WTF :-)

      I suspect the SAN-GW fiasco was not so much "designed" by a consultant as improvised by the in-house clowns; we have one or two extremely competent guru-types, surrounded by guys who probably need help cleaning the correction fluid off their monitors. Having said that, even after having StorageTek, Sun and Novell people in, it's still one big RAID array, albeit a bigger, faster RAID 10 array

      • by Degrees ( 220395 )
        Bummer dude. We have it a little better here, in that even though the new hires don't get paid a lot, we are willing to pay for them to get training. In fact today, one of the new network techs just passed his CCNA. The biggest problem we have is that we do a lot with a little bit of staff, and this burns (some) people out.

        One of my co-workers used to work for a university - he said he'd never go back. Like you say, the place was cheap. To top that, the client base was pretty obnoxious. If it was a nice wo

  • ...to see you go.
    • I'm not particularly "gone" - I'll still be browsing /. and probably posting whatever I post on Multiply on here as well, for the most part. The pages do seem nicer over on Multiply, but there are too many people here to make the jump lightly!

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