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Comment Not a hologram, but not shabby (Score 5, Informative) 98

The article from the first link is a little better explanation than the second link.

This is not quite a hologram, but it is a true multi-viewer solution without the need for headtracking or other dynamic tricks. It is a precomputed video stream displayed on precisely spaced, and slightly higher-than-your-living-room-tv-refresh-rate, but otherwise normal LCD panels.

Basically, the MIT guys have come up with algorithms to compute a set of three overlay transparencies, which selectively occlude or reveal certain pixels when viewed from certain angles due to parallax, such that one of many possible perspective images of a scene is produced depending on the angle from which this stack of overlays is viewed.

The part they seem most proud of is that because these different perspective views are all of the same scene, many of the pixels are the same color from one perspective to another, so they only need to concentrate their parallax trick on making a select few pixels vary by angle, thus reducing the complexity of the problem to the point where it can actually be realized with consumer resolution LCD panels and attainable data rates.

Comment Re:Slicehost? (Score 1) 375

That's partially true. I am still hosted on RackSpace's "Slicehost" farm and under the "Slicehost" billing plan for the moment, but they will be forcibly converting my VM to their RackSpace farm in January. Of course, since the original question was in regard to creating a new VPS, you're right, Slicehost doesn't exist anymore for new customers.
They sent out a survey a month or so ago asking for thoughts on the RackSpace conversion, and in my response I raised the concern that the newer RackSpace plans would be more expensive (even though they tried to downplay that in the press releases), but I get the feeling the survey was motivated more as a PR stunt than out of any sort of genuine concern for the customers' opinions.

Comment AML perhaps? (Score 5, Informative) 114

AML makes Linux-powered portable handheld computers with Wi-Fi and barcode scanning capability, and they'll give you their source disk with your hardware if you ask, so you can modify it as much as you like if their standard suite of applications don't suit you. You would also need to add a printer like the Epson TM-T88 and an RS232 magstripe-reader like the Unitech MS-240. For the actual card clearing, you'd probably either tie this system into your existing POS mainframe (if you have one) or you'd tie it into an Internet-based POS solution like, or if you are feeling ambitious, you can integrate over SSL directly with a clearing network like TSYS (formerly VisaNet / VITAL). Of course, your biggest expenditure is probably going to be paying someone to write the software to tie all this together for you (unless you can pull it all off yourself, in which case hats off to you!)

I have worked on the AML portable computers before. I have not specifically worked with the Epson printer or the Unitech magstripe reader, but both should work in conjunction with the AML unit's WiFi and serial capabilities respectively. You would probably need to custom-make a cable for the magstripe reader since the AML unit uses a non-standard RS232 connector (RJ45 if I recall correctly).

Comment Re:Wickedlasers? (Score 1) 260

Well, if you want practical entertaining applications, then consider the possibilities for a home laser-projection television - maybe I'll finally be able to get something that I can afford and is less than the size of a refrigerator for gaming and movies in my living room at 4k resolution and 160 inches...

Comment Re:same here (Score 5, Informative) 556

Actually, I am sure that ANI is what is being spoofed here. (I have received calls from the same group myself.) ANI can be spoofed if the originating carrier allows, which is common practice for high-volume outbound automated calling campaigns. It is usually used legitimately to provide a number via which the called party can call back later if they miss the call or are disconnected.

(I work for a company which legitimately performs this sort of high-volume outbound calling.)

One other thing to note - this is actually the jursidiction of the FCC, not the FBI (at least not yet). As soon as you can prove that there is some sort of actual fraud going on beyond just violating FCC rules, then they might get involved.


Submission + - Going to Yosemite? Get your passport ready! (

rev_media writes: The Real ID acts mandates all states to begin issuing federal IDs to all citizens by 2008. Costs could be as much at $14 billion, but only 40 million are currently allocated. Several states have passed legislation expressly forbidding participation in the program, while others seem to be all for it. The IDs will be required for access to all federal areas including flights, state parks and federal buildings. People in states refusing to comply will need to show passports even for domestic flights.

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