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Comment Re:Have they added DRM yet? (Score 4, Interesting) 303

Matter o'fact RIAA equalisation is different from just generalised compression. At the start of the LP era each record producer had its own equalisation scheme so what sounded good on your TT/AMP might sound awful on your neighbour's. So the Recording Industries Association of America (RIAA) tried, and mostly succeeded, in getting folks to use the equalisation scheme that they had so carefully decided on.

The idea was not so much to "make the mix sound good on vinyl" but to permit greater recording times (by decreasing the mean width of each groove), to improve sound quality, and to reduce the groove damage that would otherwise arise during playback.

The power cutting-head could probably have coped, but the recorded track would have been wider (so less tracks would fit on the record) and you would have needed a highly compliant stylus, and much higher tracking weight to keep it in the groove (and so muc faster wear).

The RIAA equalisation curve (NOT compression) was a very neat answer to a difficult problem.

And sorry, but my carefully cared-for LPs have quite a different sound from CDs/DVDs - not necessarily better but different - somehow warmer and more immediate.

'Ol Fart Cutterman


Comment Re:Most people are doing it wrong (Score 2) 327

"The problem is "bullet points", not PowerPoint." Amen!

Building and presenting a good talk is not easy, whatever tools you use.
Chalk, transparencies, slides, Powerpoint et. al. - done 'em all over the years.

The problem is learning to make a good presentation, not Powerpoint.
Unfortunately Powerpoint makes it very easy to dress up a simple talk
wirh all sorts of ridiculous fonts, bullets, swooping text, music clips and whatnot
that are completely unnecessary and distracting.

It doesn't have to be dull (in fact it shouldn't be) but informative and (a little) entertaining.

Powerpoint (or LibreOffice Presentation or Keynote) are very powerful tools for
conveying information. Unfortunately they are usually very badly used.

The Cutter

Comment Re:The story (Score 1) 162

Many years ago, relatively few people in Africa.
Few domesticated animals. Bushmeat normal part of diet.
Colonisation/"civilisation" - less deaths from disease/tribal wars.
More domestivated animals - more food - more Africans
Bushmeat relegated to occasional traditional treat.
Population rises, colonialists leave.
Medicine stays, governments collapse, foreign aid - more Africans
Not enough meat from domesticated animals - bushmeat consumption rises again
Now routine - first large wildlife declines, then small.
Eventually all the bushmeat is gone - anything larger than a mouse
World gets bored with endless foreign aid to despots
Most indigenous wildlife extinct - jungle very quiet.
Africans start eating each other.

Oh wait....

Comment Re:Wait.. (Score 5, Insightful) 411

The stupidity of ignoring nuclear fission never ceases to amaze me. Fusion is still a long way from practicality, will always expensive and isn't the clean dream - the massive neutron flux just makes even more radioactive waste. The oil & gas are going to run out one day, be it in 5 years or 50. Renewables are unreliable, expensive and the quantities of rare earths required make for horrible mining pollution as well as covering the landscape with ugly windmills and solar collectors.

High activity nuclear waste is a small volume storage problem and if we hadn't wasted the last 30 years we would have modern fission plant designs far safer than any of the chemical polluting shit we have now.

Fricken' ridiculous.

Comment Re:The new Hitlers (Score 1) 564

Following all this to it's logical conclusion, there is an excellent argument for allowing incestuous civil unions and the, following on from that, marriage.

After all, 20 of the States permit first cousin marriages and another six permit them under certain circumstances.

Why should not a brother and sister (or sister and sister, etc.) living together in a long term relationship be excluded from the benefits of marriage? There are hundreds of thousands of single men and women living monogamously with their mother or father for the long haul.

The Cutter

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