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Comment My recent 11.0 experience (Score 1) 173

I've just tried installing openSuse 11.0 a few days ago. The installing process was maybe the best I've seen so far. Only afterwards the problems started. I did not find out how to get dsl-running and Linux without network is just unusable. Especially Suse which complains all the time about a missing network connection when you try to get the network connection running. Also I failed to get the desktop running correctly with 1440x900 - the resolution was correct, but the desktop itself insisted on beeing larger and everytime I tried to change that a) my taskbar vanished and b) it was reset to the old resolution on the next login. I suppose it might be a problem of KDE 4. Oh and KDE 4... I don't really think it was a good idea to switch to that already. Though I have given up on Suse due to the above troubles and tried Kubuntu afterwards and so my KDE experiences are more based on that configuration (which was the worst desktop experience I had had this decade).

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