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Comment $20 a month for 80% pornography? (Score 0) 154

Wouldn't it be better to improve the content of the internet so that it becomes a real tool of knowledge for those that already have it instead of distributing more pornography for what it seems to be a reduced cost for people in developed countries but is higher that the average monthly income in several poor countries? I can't see people spending their whole monthly incomes to connect to the internet, specially those that cannot afford a computer. Perhaps we should go one step at a time and help those less fortunate increase their incomes so they can feed themselves and educate their children. Then, perhaps they will make the decision themselves when they have the ability to do so.

Comment Re:The enemy of my enemy (Score 0) 693

Sounds like you value life only if the life we are talking about is an US citizen. What makes you think you are more worthy than a Latino or an Muslim or any other person? Perhaps the typical yankee arrogance that makes everyone in that country believe you have the right to control the world. Wake up, your government is a plutocratic / genocidal organization that will do whatever it takes to turn on a profit for the rich. If they need to kill a yank, so be it and all your dreams of living in a democratic society (You do not live in one by the way) will not save you.

Comment I fail to see any difference (Score -1) 32

The US government has been acting that way for as long as I know. The only diffrence is that they are using software now. You could well argue that the US government is on one hand complaining about terrorism and on the other hand, the CIA commit numerous acts of terrorism in multiple countries (Kidnaps, renditions, torture, etc). They also support other countries that commit serious murderous attacks on civilians to steal their land (In case you do not notice, I'm refering to Israel). Nothing has changed, they are just using a different tool and they are being as two faced as they have always been.

Comment Re:This ain't the first time ... (Score 0) 470

The flying car should not be a problem. The only reason why we do not have it yet is not because of technical dificulties. We can hardly manage driving a car in two dimensions. Try to add an extra dimension fotr the movement of your flying car and see what happens. Thiink about the traffic controll systems. Think what we have to have instead of traffic lights (That some people still do not pay any attention to). When you have worked out that, then come up with a flying car

Submission + - US employee 'outsourced job to China' (

Cute and Cuddly writes: A security check on a US company has reportedly revealed one of its staff was outsourcing his work to China.

The software developer, in his 40s, is thought to have spent his workdays surfing the web, watching cat videos on YouTube and browsing Reddit and eBay.

He reportedly paid just a fifth of his six-figure salary to a company based in Shenyang to do his job.

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