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Comment Re:Stabile (Score 1) 25

As someone who has used the streaming version of sunday ticket, the problems with under provisioning network and server capacity are always an issue.

Directv says the problem is on my end. With my 240Mb/s internet connection and AC5300 router. I can stream multiple 4k netflix streams while my kid games online without a hiccup. Yup, must be on my end.

Of course, you can't cancel sunday ticket and canceling directv often carries an early termination fee. This will be pretty different for directv from a customer service perspective. You can't give BS excuses and keep the customer.

Comment Re: 50 Shades of Orange (Score 1) 159

Other than it not being true as a legit birth certificate was produced, riddle me this Batman...lets say he was born in Kenya, is a muslim, and wants to take all of our guns.

He had 8 years in office. What exactly did he do that makes any of that relevant?

(...waiting for the blurry obfuscated implausible answer, like "he destroyed the economy" when he produced the a huge economic recovery or "he cozied up with Isis" when in fact he bombed the crap out of them, or "he was too soft on our enemies" when he came into office with the vast majority of voters saying they wanted to get out of the two wars we were already in and not start another...)

Comment Unfortunately half of it is fraud (Score 1) 68

Amazon is having a serious problem with newly launched sellers who take the money and either ship nothing or ship something insignificant. It can often take a month for things to get worked out and by then the 'seller' is already gone with the money.

And aside from fake product reviews I've seen sellers with fake seller reviews. Here is my story.

I see a "new" pc from a seller with lots of great reviews for a decent but not absurdly low price. When I get the machine, the disk drive and some other stuff are loose inside the case so I open it up and put everything back where its supposed to be, but note in the process that the disk was made in 2012. Checking the smart data, its also been on and running most of those 4 years and is starting to get the "I'm going to die soon" whine. I also see that the windows license is a gray market job and the dvd drive was made in 2010.

I contact the seller, who lets me know he's just one guy working out of his garage. He insists that the PC contained 100% brand new parts when he shipped it, and that while I'm welcome to return it at my own expense if it has any old parts in it when he receives it he's going to charge me a restocking fee to replace them. I contact Amazon who completely "ole"s it and says that since the seller offered to let me return it, that's my only recourse. So much for the A-Z guarantee.

In going back to look at the seller reviews I see thousands, generally 15-20 per day. How does one guy selling mostly used computers out of his garage acquire and ship that many every day? About 5-6 pages of seller reviews in, I realize that almost all of them are titled "5 stars" and have one word in the review text, almost always "good" or "great", never any capitalization or punctuation. What are the odds that someone selling thousands of used computers every year never have a problem or complaint?

So I wrote a bad one star seller review with just the basic facts. Amazon accepted it and it got deleted about 2 weeks later, presumably when I wouldn't still look to see if it was there.

The message to me was clear. Amazon wants to make money and anything that disrupts that is quickly dispatched. They weren't interested in fixing my problem, the seller reviews were obviously faked through some means, and as long as the balance was positive they're okay with stuff like this happening.

I'd recommend only buying from amazon as the seller and fulfillment and not to count on the product reviews. I've already had plenty of companies show me how they end run around giving people free product in exchange for a review so it looks like I was a verified purchaser.

Comment Re:My be scared of the Zen of whoopass (Score 1) 139

There isn't any such thing as a 'strong amd to offset intel'.

Intel has an extremely efficient in house manufacturing division and billions of cash in the bank. At any given moment they can drop their prices, throw in some new features and submarine AMD, Having to farm out manufacturing to outfits that are nowhere near as efficient and losing money for over a decade aren't a good platform.

The thing is, AMD has never really meant much to Intel. Since the Pentium 4 days, the only thing AMD did was push intel to release 64 bit chips. Which then sat without user models or software to take advantage of it. But hey, users love more bits, whether they're useful or not.

They're a nice foil to fend off anti trust suits. Other than that...

I didn't think much of AMD recently but when they released the 480 and overdrew the power to the board past PCIE specs to get a little more oomph out of a disappointing overhyped release, I really sensed the desperation. Overpromise, under-deliver and disappoint. I expect Zen will be a fine product that uses more power, makes more heat, and performs below its Intel counterparts.

Comment Re:Does anyone else get the feeling... (Score 1) 105

LOL. Reading is fundamental, as is remaining on topic. The DS isn't a console. I noted the Wii as the only success since the SNES. The nintendo64, Gamecube and Wii-U all sold so badly I'm quite sure they didn't cover R&D costs.

People aren't lining up to buy the NES classic, resellers bought them up to resell on ebay and craigslist. There'll be thousands of them returned in January when they don't sell. And nobody has any visibility as to how many sold in the first place.

I bought every Nintendo console until the Wii-U, mostly out of nostalgia. However $400-450 for a wii-u, extra controllers, recharge stations and a handful of games is a non working proposition. The Switch looks like an overpriced portable that'll rarely be used as a console and I still don't see how it'll succeed when a superior and similar product (nvidia shield and shield tablet) sell like crap.

I promise...nintendo is hemorrhaging money and has been doing so for a while. After the Switch falls on its head perhaps they'll finally wise up and port their games to android and ios. Making hardware isn't something they can consistently do with any success.

Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 1) 766

Every once in a while I'll open Edge or use a chrome incognito tab where my load of extensions aren't active. I can't freaking believe how much auto start video, flashing ads, screaming audio that there is. Its completely un readable.

So when companies whine about using an adblocker...#^@% them...they asked for it.

Now I see that web pages want to scan my system and look at what I'm doing. I had one streaming web site (Showtime or Starz, I forget) tell me I couldn't watch a movie as my windows patch level was too low. It was completely current. I asked tech support 3-4 times why they thought they had any business profiling my computer without telling me or asking permission. They made sure to comment about everything except that and ended up telling me to use a different browser. Now when I move my mouse to the top of the screen to close a tab, I get a popup telling me "please don't leave" or "before you go...". Guess what...I don't want them doing that either. Its creepy. And of course the "we see you're using an ad blocker".

The privacy violations, all of the advertising and system scanning, extensions out the wazoo, having to wait while ad shovel ware gets loaded, malware in the ads...on and on and on. No wonder browsers are slow.

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