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Comment True Story (Score 1) 183

Dear Penthouse -

Whoops, wrong place.

Anyhow...About 22 or so years ago I was sitting in the hot tub with my girlfriend at her apartment complex in Mountain View when two dorky young guys come and jump in with us. I'm thinking "swell, we're usually alone out here all evening and there go my immediate plans for a little semi public nooky".

One starts talking about how he and the other guy are going to start up this search company named Yahoo and went on and on about it. Eventually they left and I turned to my girlfriend and said "That's the stupidest name I've ever heard of for a company".

And I think that sums up Yahoo. Disrupting others for a bit to no purpose, much rambling and meandering, and a silly name.

Not that "Google" is much better, or Microdick...err...Microsoft. It sounds so...little.

Comment Re: The power of a concentrated marketplace (Score 1) 183

The only thing I've used yahoo for in over ten years is for a site login when I'm going to troll someone.

I did use them as a news aggregator, but their innovation turned into moving things around and changing the font sizes, to the point where while the content never changed the look and feel did change enough to make it easy to just give up on them and use something that just did what it was supposed to do and didn't change layouts every 3 months.

Now I'm supremely pleased that I ignored their constant efforts to get me to give them my cell phone number and any other data to "secure my account". All they have is a 20 year old activation from a long dead email and a fake name.

Comment And now we all know... (Score 1) 190

...why I'm only going to buy Nexus devices. Almost every other phone I've bought was basically abandoned. If a couple of guys can do alternative roms and update the phone, the manufacturer should be able to do the same.

Apple updates older devices better than most android OEM's and they seem to have little trouble getting people to upgrade.

Comment I fixed this for $25 (Score 1) 236

I bought a box off Amazon for $25. It goes between the phone line and the phone. I can whitelist and blacklist numbers. When a number that isn't on the whitelist calls, they get a message saying to remove me from their telemarketer list or if they're someone I know to press '2' to put their call through. I can then whitelist anyone who asked to bypass. After 2 weeks, pretty much everyone I knew was whitelisted.

Kills robocallers dead, as they don't have ears and can't press 2.

Kills most telemarketers who are live calling. I've had two try to ring through. I just press the blacklist button, it hangs up for them and if they call again they get hung up on immediately. They get one ring and then click -dialtone-.

Other than those 2, my phone hasn't rung once from someone I don't know. Only the guy repairing my vacuum cleaner got confused about 'press 2', but he's not the brightest bulb in the factory.

Comment Unthrilled so far (Score 1) 177

Its turning on stuff I already turned off. I had cortana turned off (dont need, dont want) and it turned it back on. Apparently I have to add a registry key to turn it back off. Also turned on a bunch of windows notifications I had turned off.

What is it with the uber "we'd have to use a galaxy level stargate and a warp 20 capable ship to get to an ivory tower close enough" mentality with microsoft and stupid non customer centric crud like this?

Comment You have to read the article (Score 1) 309

If you've been charged with the crime of child pornography and the feds already have the server with the kiddie porn on it and you voluntarily logged into the server and downloaded child porn, then your computer is valid evidence to search without a warrant being necessary.

If RTFA is just impossible, the feds gathered information about these peds computers when they connected to a seized child pornography server. The argument was whether they could do that without a warrant.

Its not some subversion, power grab, neo fascist, dumb-a$$ old constitution writers, document doesn't reflect modern world or anything like that.

Comment What we're seeing around here (Score 1) 193

Around here we have people that will walk into a mall with a scanner and just stick it on peoples wallet pocket or purse. When security is alerted, they just leave. Security says they weren't doing anything illegal.

As far as I know, any US vendor taking a fraudulent swipe or imprint transaction owns the loss as the bank/cc company won't stand behind a non chip transaction. This scanner won't help anyone make a chipped card. Its rare to have information like the card holders name be accessible in this manner.

So basically small vendors and people working art and wine festivals that are using those stripe scanners you plug into a cell phone will be on the hook until they get stuck with a bunch of bogus transactions, wise up and get a chip based scanner.

Comment Didn't google do this already? (Score 3, Insightful) 180

Didn't they own Motorola and have complete control? Then got rid of that because it made all of the other phone makers feel bad?

What makes a Nexus phone different from an iphone? Neither has an SD card or replaceable battery, yet the Nexus always seems to be about half the price.

I've never had to replace a battery in a phone before it was old and slow and not what I wanted anymore.

I'm rarely out of wifi range AND need direct and immediate access to tons of data, nor have I ever filled up a 32GB phone with what I want to take with me.

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