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Comment Re:No passing the buck allowed (Score 1) 641

I agree with what you say, I meant to establish that if there is a chain of blame, the driver would be first, then the person who allowed her to drive BEFORE even thinking about Tesla.

However, I agree that the buck appears to stop with the driver. Even if there was another vehicle involved on the wrong side of the road, sobriety would have perhaps avoided or mitigated the accident.

As for the comment about being 27, I recall saying at work that anybody under the age of 23 is basically a twat (a flippant comment meant in jest but ultimately 23 is not old enough to have enough wisdom not to be a twat). Every year that passes I add another year and I said it around 5 years old so the driver was basically a twat (being under 28) which is a shame as some wisdom may have saved her.

In 10 years time I will have added enough years to equal the age at which I made my bold proclamation which will make me a twat for saying it. There is always wisdom out there for people to glean.

Comment Re:No free pass to hurt other people (Score 2) 641

Even if the daughter isn't to blame, the owner of the car - her boss - who was also killed, gave her the keys (or whatever you use to operate the Tesla). The daughter might be an adult but still relatively young whreas the boss was 44, old enough to have obtained a Tesla as a personal/company vehicle, yet he stupid enough to get drunk and allow another drunk to drive him home/wherever.

To allow any lawsuit to gain any traction would be the thin end of the wedge. People shoot themselves all the time when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. but owners aren't required to have guns with built-in breathalysers are they? Why should cars be any different?

It was an unfortunate tragedy and undoubtedly caused by excess speed which was caused by excess alcohol. If there is a company that could address this issue, IMHO, it is Tesla - but don't penalise the company for the idiocy of others.

Comment Re:An idea for Apple (Score 3, Interesting) 77

All the iphone owners I know (mostly my kids and their friends) get through many sets of earphones a year. They are always replaced with another set of wired headphones at minimal cost. I've not seen a bluetooth replacement being favoured.

As for the listening and charging issue - I didn't foresee that being a problem (I don't listen to music on my phone) but those users I have spoken to say that it's a deal breaker.

Not being able to listen with wired headphones whilst charging the phone is a real problem. I guess if you view the phone as your social and media hub, you need to be able to charge it whatever you happen to be doing. That's just not possible with the iphone 7 unless you are forced to use BT headphones. That's not the complete solution as your headphones are discharging whilst you are charging your phone which means you need a wired set for when the BT headphones die and your phone is charged.

Comment Re: AIDS in the 1970s (Score 1) 380

It is a type of 'sex' though.

You are probably referring to 'sex' as a definition from a pre-informed time when only a man and a woman could engage in sexual congress.

In the UK where same-sex marriage is legal (a recent addition to the law where only civil partnership was permitted rather than marriage), the use of adultery in divorce proceedings can only be used in heterosexual marriages due to the definition of adultery being "sex between a married man or woman and someone he or she is not married to".

Clearly there is a disconnect in UK law as some bits need to catch up with others (the law dealing with the divorce process in isolation came into being in 1973).

You could do with some catching up yourself and recognize that sex is a global term that can refer to vaginal, anal and oral sex. As some of those definitions don't need a penis you can widen even further and recognize that woman can have sex with each other. I'm sure you wouldn't have to dig very deep to discover that there are many websites devoted to the issue.

Comment Re:idea (Score 1) 153

The app does detect when you are going over a certain speed and flashes up a warning that only allows you to continue if you are a passenger.

However, as the game is designed for those on foot, it would be reasonable to disable interaction with the game whilst travelling above a certain speed.

There is a legitimate reason to allow the game to function without interaction as pokemon 'appear' in certain areas and the app radar will identify them when in range. If you have to stop moving to interact this would be safer than the current system. It would also allow a passenger to tell the driver to stop in order to catch a pokemon...unless the player was on a train where the request might cause offence.

Comment Re:fair... (Score 1) 84

ITV is a commercial channel and relies upon content to gain commercial interest. If ITV is forced to 'up it's game' due to competition, this is good for the consumer and good for ITV who can charge more for prime time slots.

If the BBC was forced to show it's best shows at other times, the consumer would still watch those shows and the programming on ITV - which would be non-prime time - would be of no interest to the consumers and sponsors would not be interested in placing commercials.

In the absence of competition neither ITV nor the BBC would go the extra mile to create content which the public crave. This cannot be a good thing.

As for constraining the BBC to educational and documentary programming - this would make it even easier for ITV to produce content that was 'good enough' rather than great.

Eventually, there would be outcry for ITV that the BBC was unfairly capitalising upon educational or documentary programming thus children and Slashdot readers would be watching basic arithmetic and Large Hadron Collider content at midnight.

In the words of Isaac Newton: "Leave it the fuck alone" (out of context as the BBC was extant at that stage)

Comment Re:this is great news! (Score 2) 94

I initially thought that this was a troll comment but on reflection I realise that it is valid.

Clearly 'go digital' meant dispensing with the disc and saving the data to a hard drive but this is semantics as it is merely shifting the data to another media type.

'Say "no" to offline data' is the real message with which I wholeheartedly agree. There should be no need to swap optical discs in this day and age and keeping data offline makes no sense unless you are dealing with tape backups.

I treat blu-ray as a tape backup and keep a ripped version on my NAS which is how blu-ray/DVD/CD should be marketed. The consumer would be happy as they own a copy and the content providers would be happy as they can maintain their pricing structure.

Comment Re:Xbone has been a disaster from the start (Score 1) 174

Next time, let your engineers spec the console up for you instead of the Marketing Department.

There is a happy medium in there somewhere.

A hardcore IT friend of mine says that the GUI was the ruination of computing and if you want to use computers you should learn the CLI and if you want a GUI you should make it yourself. It is fair to say he was very wide of the mark and he would still be using 16-bit machines to this day had the user-interface remained the same. Popularity (and porn) stimlulates the advance of technology.

Microsoft took consoles to a new level and are suffering now as they set the bar rather high. Sony had difficulty with the PS3 which was hardly a failure. The same can be said of the XBOne. I would rather have an XBOne than an Atari Jaguar.

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