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Ask Slashdot: How Do I Recover From Doxxing? 370

An anonymous reader writes: I've been doxxed on a popular forum, by one of the moderators no less. The forum owner doesn't care, the hosting company doesn't care. I'm getting bombarded by email and social media, even via GitHub. How does a person recover from this? I don't want to create a whole new identity or shut down all my web sites, social media etc. Can't really change my real name either, at least not without an incredible amount of hassle. The police don't care, and since the forum owner is on the other side of the world it's unlikely there could be any legal consequences, and even if they were they would probably only draw more attention to me. I've tried to clean up Google's search results about me. How do I fix this? What does a fix even look like?

Submission + - TrueCrypt site defaced by hackers; hosting potentially unsafe version.

An anonymous reader writes: Today, if you visit truecrypt.org, you are greeted with the following message in big, red font: "WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues" The page then goes into details on how the TrueCrypt project was "terminated" and provides one final release: version 7.2. The page, however, is very amateurish and does not at all suggest [i]good[/i] security practices. If you downloaded a copy of this highly-suspect version, I suggest you remove it immediately and begin a malware scan. Now would be a good time to fire up Malwarebyte's Anti-malware, GMER, or ComboFix if you are running Windows. Arstechnica had the following to say:

The SourceForge page contained a new version of the program that was certified with the official TrueCrypt private signing key. That suggested the page warning TrueCrypt isn't safe wasn't a hoax posted by hackers who managed to gain unauthorized access. Or it suggests that the cryptographic key that certifies the authenticity of the app has been compromised. In either case, it's a good idea for TrueCrypt users to pay attention and realize that it may soon be necessary to move to a new crypto app. Ars will continue to cover this unfolding development as more information becomes available.

Submission + - Five Things We've Already Forgotten About Snowden's NSA Leaks (vice.com)

Daniel_Stuckey writes: The Edward Snowden saga is coming to a close. As a final act, Glenn Greenwald, who's been working closely with the whistleblower to publish leaked information about the National Security Agency, has said he will reveal a list of Americans that have been targeted by the NSA. And tonight, Snowden will be giving his first American television interview to NBC. It’s been a dizzying year of revelations about US government spying. Programs like PRISM—the ones capable of mass surveillance—have received the most media attention, and in some cases even become household names. But there are other things exposed in the string of leaks that have received relatively little media attention, despite presenting serious threats to privacy, freedom of speech, and the way we use the web. Here's a look back at some of those forgotten discoveries.

Submission + - Aurora Engine reimplementation needs OpenGL developers (gamingonlinux.com)

Curupira writes: The xoreos project, which aims to reimplement the Aurora game engine by Bioware with FOSS software, is currently looking for OpenGL developers. Aurora used in games like Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: KotOR, Jade Empire, Dragon Age and The Witcher. The xoreos engine is written by Sven Hesse, who contributes to another engine reimplementation project: ScummVM.

The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money 693

An anonymous reader writes "The GNOME Foundation is running out of money. The foundation no longer has any cash reserves so they have voted to freeze non-essential funding for running the foundation. They are also hunting down sponsors and unpaid invoices to regain some delayed revenue. Those wishing to support the GNOME Foundation can become a friend of GNOME."

Microsoft Promises Not To Snoop Through Email 144

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft took some much-deserved flack last week for admitting they examined the emails of a Hotmail user who received some leaked Windows 8 code. The company defended their actions at the time. Now, after hearing the backlash, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith says they will not do so in the future. Instead, they'll refer it to law enforcement. He wrote, 'It's always uncomfortable to listen to criticism. But if one can step back a bit, it's often thought-provoking and even helpful. That was definitely the case for us over the past week. Although our terms of service, like those of others in our industry, allowed us to access lawfully the account in this case, the circumstances raised legitimate questions about the privacy interests of our customers. ...As a company we've participated actively in the public discussions about the proper balance between the privacy rights of citizens and the powers of government. We've advocated that governments should rely on formal legal processes and the rule of law for surveillance activities. While our own search was clearly within our legal rights, it seems apparent that we should apply a similar principle and rely on formal legal processes for our own investigations involving people who we suspect are stealing from us.'"

Submission + - KDE Releases Calligra Suite 2.8 (calligra.org)

KDE Community writes: The Calligra team is proud and pleased to announce the release of version 2.8 of the Calligra Suite, Calligra Active and the Calligra Office Engine. Major new features in this release are comments support in Author and Words, improved Pivot tables in Sheets, improved stability and the ability to open hyperlinks in Kexi. Flow introduces SVG based stencils and as usual there are many new features in Krita including touch screens support and a wraparound painting mode for the creation of textures and tiles.

Submission + - Autodesk decided to stop developing Softimage (net4tech.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Autodesk announced that after the 2015 version of Softimage, which is scheduled for release next April, it would no longer provide software support. The publisher has confirmed the rumors last month, according to which Autodesk intends to terminate its software for 3D modeling and animation. "We regret to inform you that the next version of Softimage 2015 will be the last," can be read on the Autodesk website. "This latest version will be released around April 14, 2014. Autodesk will continue to provide support for up to 30 April 2016. "

Submission + - Iconic predator-prey study in peril (nature.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have charted the ebb and flow of moose and wolf populations on Isle Royale in Lake Superior for nearly 50 years. Ice bridges to Canada regularly supplied the genetic stocks for much of that time, but have been rare in recent years leading to inbreeding, dwindling populations and developmental deformity for the wolves that inhabit the island. Now, with the first solid freeze in six years, new wolves could join the mix ... or the remaining island dwellers could leave.

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