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Comment Re:Technical topics are not a jury competency (Score 1) 125

Luckily this is not a terribly technical question: Company A cloned company S's product. Is this OK?

The short answer is YES IT IS OK.

I disagree. I find it lacking in morals. Go invent your own tooling language, or better yet, agree on a standard. But drop-in clone replacement without so much as a by-your-leave is a douche move.

Comment Re:Technical topics are not a jury competency (Score 1) 125

The whole idea that a jury can decide one way or another on a technical matter is pretty idiotic

Luckily this is not a terribly technical question: Company A cloned company S's product. Is this OK?
This is NOT a technical question. Its an ethical, legal, economic and societal question.

And the answer seems to be 'no, it is not fine'. Which is sort of strange, IMHO. But then I'm not an expert on US law or society. I am, however, a expert in this technical field. And had I been on that jury, I would have been as baffled as the next juror.

Comment Re:One more time (Score 1) 135

Or W/soapbubble?
Can a soap bubble carry 6W worth of solar cells? Can the sun provide enough energy for such an area. Or, how big a soapbubble are we talking about? Don't soapbubbles burst spontaneously, i.e. they don't carry any weitght?

I used to think of MIT as a world-class technical university. But with these sort of releases, I can no longer be sure.

Comment Re:Better for everyone else (Score 2) 265

The world is not a zero sum game. If Australians were rich and sensible they would buy and use more of your products.

I disagree: untill we learn to mine asteroids, it sort of is a zero-sum game. Currently we seem to be quite a lot in the red, and I for one agree with GP and salute Australia's effort of turning the world to a more sustainable pace of consumption.
Your profits be damned.

Comment Wait - why? (Score 1) 83

I'm confused. There was a (several?) court order(s) to give up data. The company policy is to comply with such ("Facebook has always been and will be available to address any questions Brazilian authorities may have,").

So why did he refuse to hand it over? I even tried to RTFA. This blazingly obvious (to me) question wasn't answered even there. Why is Facebook disappointed with an employee who neither follow law or company policy?

Comment Re:What aboiut the victims life? (Score 0) 292

So what you are saying is let a guy fuck children, get caught, do a little time, then forget about him.

That is a straw-man.

I am all for forgetting about minor shit like cites for spitting on the ground in front of idiots like you.

"Certain types of loudmouthism should be a capital offense among decent people." (R.A.Heinlein).

Comment Re:Normally I side with the EFF, BUT (Score 2) 143

I'd sort of agree with you. Cisco shouldn't be criticiszed for selling communications equipment to China. The evidence is plain, what better way to lift people from under oppressive regimes than communucations.

But, from TFA:

Cisco built an extensive law-enforcement system for the Chinese government beginning in 1999, called the "Golden Shield" or "Great Firewall."

Cisco built the fucking Great Firewall of China!
They deserve everything they can get, and more. And I don't mean profits now.

Comment Re: Douchebag move (Score 1) 85

Maybe a reporter just got him a few drinks, it isn't like he held a press conference.

No, its more like he would have tweeted[1]. You know, like in TFA, second link in TFS.
Congrats, AC. You have now proven that you fit in on /. You may now register an account.

[1] Caveat. Of course, that might be a spoof accout, set up by said reporter. How could I tell.

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