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Comment Consulting was a downer (Score 1) 327

I consulted for the USPTO several years ago, holding classes on memory and memory interfaces, USB, and Firewire It paid very well, but in the class of 50 examiners there wasn't even one who seemed to care or had any kind of interest in what I was saying. I was invited back but declined.

Comment Probably not much to see here, at least yet (Score 3, Interesting) 53

The big issues in designing optical switches is their switching time and minimum switch pulse width. I and my group built what is probably the first all-optical computer in the early '90s. We used Lithium Niobate switches, which limited the machine's clock frequency of 100 MHz. It's hard to find the original article, which is in the Feb. 18 issue of Science Express. Subscription required, unfortunately. In that article the authors say nothing about switching time, or minimum switch pulse. It looks like a good piece of research, but eons away from anything practical.

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