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Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 5, Informative) 315

Firstly, you can't safely cast pointers to unsigned long. Unsigned long isn't guaranteed to be big enough to hold a pointer value. Secondly, (dst - src >= len) is not even close to the correct condition for testing that the buffers overlap. Thirdly, the reason for not using a backward copy in all cases is that it corrupts the output buffer in 1 of the 2 overlapping cases. Those three huge errors aside, you make some good points.

Comment Re: Commence Pedantry (Score 1) 492

Hard to say about case sensitivity. NTFS itself is case-sensitive, actually, but the Win32 layer that normal Windows apps use to access it enforces case-insensitivity (but preserves case otherwise). If the implementation here is a proper NT subsystem, then it should be able to skip that Win32 translation, and use case-sensitive operations directly. But whether it actually does so or not is an interesting question, because if you were to use that approach to actually create files that only differ by case, accessing them from Win32 world will be problematic (but possible; Cygwin knows how to do that, for example), so it may be deliberately disabled. Hopefully, it is a configurable option.

Your description is close but not quite accurate. NTFS is case-preserving: file names are stored in an exact case on disk. Case-sensitivity actually has nothing to do with what's on disk, it's a property of a given operation. And NTFS has the ability to support either case-sensitive or case-insensitive operations, as needed, on a per-operation basis. What determines whether a given operation is case-sensitive or not is a combination of 3 factors: a global system setting, the subsystem (e.g. Win32 vs Linux), and the app requesting the operation. Incidentally even if you are a "Win32 app", you can still call NT APIs directly, which negates the subsystem from the list of factors.

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