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Comment Technical questions (Score 1) 167

Is this system actually relying on MAC addresses rather than SSID's? Otherwise how can a system like this rely on a property that is often left set to the factory default or could change at any time?

Also, I guess this relies on the Google Toolbar to work since I assume there's no way for a browser to collect information about nearby SSID's (or even your SSID), right?

By the way, the above questions aren't me being worried about any of this. I'm just curious about how the system works.

Comment Re:Geroge Carlin (Score 2, Insightful) 367

That sounds more like a phobia than common sense precautions. Sure, some of the things you mention you do while driving are just good common sense but saying in on holidays or making sure you live near your job seem a little excessive. So if someone invites you to a New Years Eve party you actually say no because you're worried about getting in an accident? Sounds paranoid to me and your letting your desire for a perfect driving record interfere with your social life.

Not that I wish any harm on you but wouldn't it be ironic if a drunk driver crashed into your living room on New Years Eve while you were home alone watching the ball drop?

Comment Lack of respect (Score 1) 650

Removing the "fundamental force" label from gravity is an insult and shows just how little respect these young physicists have for the universe. Next thing you know they'll be ignoring it completely while they sit all smug in their floating universities.

Comment What this fuck is this? (Score 1) 79

Is this some bullshit attempt by Intel at a viral marketing campaign? There is ZERO science behind this and the other "shape-shifting" video they released. Glass spheres manipulated by electric fields? What? That makes no sense at all.

First the guy waves some rather mundane-looking actuators in front of the camera like they're somehow related to this idea. Then he wows the audience by holding up two different blocks of material and making the controversial statement that each has the same amount of material in them. HOLY SHIT!! WHAT!?!

Seriously, what is going on here? Why are they pushing this silly concept so hard?

Sorry, but this stuff angers me because so many people are eating it up like it's real science.

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