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Submission + - WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Advised Computer Science Education Wins Elections

theodp writes: "Computer Science is about jobs and equity in every state in America, and it wins elections," begins Code.org co-founder Ali Partovi in a leaked May 2015 email to Hillary for America CTO Stephanie Hannon and others (including LinkedIn Executive Chairman Reid Hoffman), according to WikiLeaks. "Whichever candidate embraces it first will be seen as a visionary leader when it comes to about jobs, economic growth, and America's future [...] Computer Science is real and resonates with voters (far more than 'STEM'). Computer Science helped win the recent election in Arkansas for Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R)." Brother Hadi Partovi, CEO of tech-backed Code.org, adds: "One thing to consider, *Any* time Hillary says 'STEM', if she instead said 'Computer science' she'd have more voters understand and support her [...] for winning an election, 'STEM' is not what voters react to. " The Clinton camp seemed keen on the idea. "The founders of code.org are eager to see Hillary make statements in support of computer science education and to have us participate in the hour of code," wrote Hannon in an email to Clinton Chief Digital Strategist Teddy Goff. "I would definitely be for participating in the hour of code as POTUS did last year," replied Goff. Three months later, Hour of Code computer science tutorials were offered at a Clinton Presidential Center event celebrating back-to-school and the ex-President's birthday, which was sponsored by the Clinton Foundation in partnership with the Office of Governor Asa Hutchinson. During last December's national Hour of Code, which is run by Code.org, @HillaryClinton tweeted her support. Last July, Hadi Partovi noted that U.S. politicians are bringing K-12 computer science to the campaign trail, citing Clinton's recently released tech agenda, which vowed to "provide every student in America an opportunity to learn computer science" and "engage the private sector and nonprofits to train up to 50,000 computer science teachers in the next decade."

Submission + - "Manhattan-like project" for secure communications the government can read (theintercept.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Hillary Clinton appears to wants the government to be able to un-encrypted communications for "security", but still wants people to have privacy. Even though Clinton said publicly she didn't want back-doors , privately she was asking her staff if was possible. Hillary's domestic policy adviser called Clinton's position impossible.
The Almighty Buck

ATMs That Dispense Gold Bars Coming To America 482

tetrahedrassface writes "As the US economic woes continue unabated, a German company is bringing gold-bearing ATMs to Mainstreet America. The machines accept credit cards, and will dispense 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram and 1 ounce units, as well as various gold coins. The company hopes to install 35 bullion machines in the United States this year, and will hopefully have several hundred up and running by next year. The machines will be decorated like giant gold ingots and be over two meters tall. Physical gold has both pros and cons, but from a safety standpoint would it be fine to have a couple of ounces in your pocket while walking around the mall? The giant, gold-dispensing ATMs will monitor the market conditions for gold every 10 minutes in order to reflect spot price changes as they occur." We already covered similar machines installed in travel hubs across Germany.

Building a 10 TB Array For Around $1,000 227

As storage hardware costs continue to plummet, the folks over at Tom's Hardware have decided to throw together their version of the "Über RAID Array." While the array still doesn't stack up against SSDs for access time, a large array is capable of higher throughput via striping. Unfortunately, the amount of work required to assemble a setup like this seems to make it too much trouble for anything but a fun experiment. "Most people probably don't want to install more than a few hard drives into their PC, as it requires a massive case with sufficient ventilation as well as a solid power supply. We don't consider this project to be something enthusiasts should necessarily reproduce. Instead, we set out to analyze what level of storage performance you'd get if you were to spend the same money as on an enthusiast processor, such as a $1,000 Core i7-975 Extreme. For the same cost, you could assemble 12 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 hard drives. Of course, you still need a suitable multi-port controller, which is why we selected Areca's ARC-1680iX-20."

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