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Comment Re:Thank prank has been done... (Score 1) 156

I'm waiting for Trump to announce Hillary as his running mate, and Hillary to announce the other way. That would make the whole election a great big troll.

That's the way it used to work. Not with the running mates, but runner-up was VP. it was an extra layer of gridlock where the VP could vote against executive interest with the deciding vote if there was a tie in the Senate, just to stick it to the President. Now tie votes are assured to follow executive branch interests.

Comment Re:Evidence? (Score 1) 742

Stupid meteors... Coming to our planet and taking extinction level event causing jobs away from hard-working Earth-based calamities. Super Volcano would have the best eruptions. Fantastic. He's destroy the most people ever. He's getting tons of compliments for how much destruction he'd cause. He'll build a wall of smoke around the world and make us all pay for it... with our lives.

This November, Vote Super Volcano 2016!

Hey, I'm just glad the job is staying in the Solar System. Rogue Brown Dwarf wants to rip Earth from its orbit and send the extinction level event causing jobs to another part of the universe. Meteors are downright middle-of-the-road, politically speaking.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 621

I purposefully read at -1, even when I don't have mod points. I like to see what the moderators dislike. They're usually good at their job, but sometimes they just mod down what they dislike, possibly thinking that they're dealing with a troll instead of someone who has a markedly different viewpoint.

Comment Re:No, it's the goddamned asterisks! (Score 1) 140

They walk into your cubicle silently as you type, and you're not allowed to face the screen away from the opening because of some middle-management power play. I have an office with a door, and I close it when I need to read confidential stuff on the screen. Thankfully no windows (but unfortunately, one Windows).

Comment Re:security best practice? (Score 1) 924

Why shouldn't a user of a system be able to run a process that takes several days to complete?

In general they shouldn't because it is a shared resource and that's consuming too much of it.

So if I nice a process out the wazoo so that instead of using 100% of the CPUs for a couple hours while I remain logged in it will now take 72 hours at 0.36% CPUs, that's a *bad* thing? FYI, human time is a precious resource, and requiring someone to hit a space bar every X minutes so they don't auto-logout of their session and kill their hours-long process is a waste of human-time.

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 1) 858

It probably flopped more for male assholery in word of mouth than female.

It flopped because Superman lifted a continent made of Kryptonite, a mineral that saps his power. A quick intelligent fix showing him scanning the coast for a lead factory and covering himself in molten lead would have done wonders for that one terrible scene. It's like Batman picking up a machine gun and turning into the Punisher; didn't stick to source material.

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